Monday, March 30, 2015

Letter #96

Hey family!

I am learning that I hate writing emails. I think I noticed this more coming down to not having too many more left to write!! Times flies!!!! Some cool things that happened this week: First an investigator we found made us this amazing plate of food, and oh man was it good! It was brisket, sausage, collard greens, beans, potato salad, peach cobbler, with a bunch of yummy side treats! It was delicious! (picture below) I love Texas food!

Next; after church we had a Linger Longer. Our home ward in California needs to adopt this! :) It was soooo good, because we had Stake Conference then we were able to enjoy that! I talked to some recently moved in members from Mississippi and they said their ward did that once a month! I am going to start that in California for sure!:) Hahaha

This week we helped a member mow his huge lawn!!!!!!!!!!!!! He let me drive his riding lawn mower! :0 Oh man it was soooo fun! Dad; we might need to invest into buying one of those! It was probably really fun to me because I haven't driven for like 2 months! It sucks having your driving privileges taken away while on the mission!

Something that really boosted my testimony this week was teaching this less active guy in the ward. He is 68 and he is a High Priest he was telling us that he is fine were he is being less active and not going to church. He did not mind not taking the sacrament, and pretty much said he was fine not progressing at all. After a gentle rebuking a little, and my companion and I telling him what his role is and specifically how much responsibility he has. Then reminding hims that if he doesn't do what he is supposed to then we did not want to think where he will end up! It was sad leaving him thinking what he is doing, but it was an eye opening experience for me because it made me really things about it and I never want to be like that! (even though I know I am not going to be like him).

Well, that is all I can think of! Love y'all
Elder Andersen

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