Monday, March 9, 2015

Letter #93

Re: Stake ConfeHey Family,Hey Family, 
Hey Family,
How are y'all doing? This week was pretty cool, but like always I can't think of anything that has really happened!!!!!! I guess one cool thing is we have a new "Mini Missionary" with us for 3 days. A member in the branch wanted to come and tag along and spend the night with us! It is super fun, but it takes away from my sleep because we ended up wrestling last night! Man that was fun! Today we are playing Basketball and of course that is super fun too! We are doing a lot of work, and we have a lot planned for the next couple days! Today I bought a cowboy shirt to go with my outfit I sent home. :) Don't worry because it was a cheap one at Walmart. I am trying to watch it because I am almost out of money in my account, I guess I need to stop spending all the money... hahah!

So there was a cool miracle that happened this week. We got a referral from a member who is from Thailand. He speaks English and Karen (?), and he has 11 friends that are interested in the church. They all speak Karen (?), so we only taught one of the 11 friends so far and he accepted a baptism date! We will teach the other 10 soon! It was a fun lesson that we had with him, we said a few sentences and then the member translated it for us. We taught the whole Restoration and it super interesting to watch, now I know what it feels like to not know what people are talking about! Haha. I haven't felt like I don't understand a language for awhile!

Hey Dad, when I get home I am going to start my diet and workout plans! Can you sign up for a gym so that when I get home I can lose some weight!! I am losing it little by little here!!

Also, please let Jake know that I miss him! Tell him I still don't know what I am doing after the mission! I have an appointment to talk to the Mission President so hopefully that will help me out!! I am for sure going back to BYU- Idaho so hopefully we can hang out there!

I heard that Kaylee is engaged?!?!? Were you planning on going to go to her wedding?!?! I guess it is 3 days after I get home! I think I kinda want to go! We can talk more about that later.

Love y'all!
Elder Andersen

P.S. The picture is of my birthday cake that mom sent me for my birthday! It was soooo yummy!!!!

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