Monday, June 30, 2014

Letter #57

Hey family!
Man, it seems like everyone is going on missions; which is amazing!!!! I so remember those camps you are talking about Dad, they were so fun! I miss Scout's! The funny thing is that Hispanics never do Scouting Things. I don't know why, but they never do! What is so special about the USA Track & Field team? Was it a qualifier for the Olympics or something? That is pretty cool! I remember always going out and doing things with you and the family; like going to museums and fun stuff like that!

This week was really good. I don't really remember what happened to much, but it was really good and spiritual. The Cano's that I always talk about are getting baptized on July 12th! I will need to get a picture with them. They are always wearing their Columbia Jerseys, because Colombia is apparently KILLING it in the World Cup. (Or so I hear) We had a lesson with them at a members house. It was suppose to be dinner and a lesson, and then we would leave so they could watch the game. What ended up happening is that they thought that we were going to watch the game with them... I thought at least the member's would know the missionary rules. Elder Larson and I waited for like 30 minutes for the food, and then an hour to share the lesson. We tried to get a lesson going, but we ended up being there for about 3 and a half hours!!!! It was such a waste of time, but the Cano's love us more and more every day. When we tell them about every mission rule they are like "I am happy your church does that!" and "Y'all Church is of order!" So that is always good!

They told us that they are excited to get baptized. Right now we are fasting for them to give up coffee, and also for their son to come home from Columbia! They are excited to tell the son that they are getting baptized! The coolest thing with them is every commitment we leave with them we ask them if they are willing to keep it, and they always say; "Well we are going to get baptized, so of course we will!" It is so sweet! I love them so much!!

I cant think of anything else to write about. It has been getting so HOT here, it feels like "Hell" here. It is so hot and humid! I am sweating like no other!!! haha All my white shirts are so gross! They all have pit stains from all the sweat! Oh, we played Soccer with some investigators and some members and that was super fun! I am starting to really love this ward! I hope I end up staying for awhile!
Love y'all!
Elder Andersen
P.S. and for the picture don't ask questions... all the elders in our zone were just having a little fun :) 
Yes, it is supposed to be a heart! Hahaha

Monday, June 23, 2014

Letter #56

Hey Family!
Dad, I know what you are saying about your back! When I was "on bike" I would roll out of my bed to do my prayers and it was so hard to get up after! What I was able to do was go to the 1st Counselor of the Mission, (he is a massage therapist) He gives all missionaries free massages. We get the shock machine, and then at the end he cracks all the muscles in your back and neck, and after that I would feel soooooo good! I have never felt any better in my life! The rest of the month I felt amazing, and I had so much energy too! Maybe that could be it too, but if the cranberry juice helps you too then that is good! :p Haha I use the word Chevere every once in awhile. Only for the people that are not Mexican! All countries except mexico uses Chevere. They use Padre like "oh que padre". Meaning like "Man that is cool!"  It is crazy that every country has their own way of saying different words. As missionaries we learn the slang from all the countries and everyone corrects us if we use the wrong slang to the wrong country! haha For example; all Mexicans say mande for "what?" Or "What did you say?" However, Columbia's say  "si senor, or si senora." Then Peru just says "que." So it is sometimes hard to get it all correct. :p haha

This week was pretty cool! I can't really remember what happened to much. Some of the highlights is that my companion get his ingrown toe nail cut out. We had some really good lessons, and the Cano's feed us empanadas (so good). To start of I wanted to talk about a wonderful lesson that we taught to the Guillen Family. We taught about the Plan of Salvation and talked about the whole lesson with a daughter that has Cystic Fibrous (and illness that can not be cured.) We were teaching the daughter and the Mom and we talked about where we go after we die.  Then we talked about how we will be resurrected and have Perfect Bodies. The look on the little girls face (her name is Melanie) was amazing. She looked at us and smiled so big. I looked at the Mom and she just dropped her head and started to cry. After that, we felt the spirit so strong. Then we just testified that God created this plan for our happiness and really he loves us and wants the best for us. As we left the house they were just so much happier, and it was amazing to see them change from one sentence we shared with them. We can see so much more hope, I just love all the lessons we teach because they really are from love from our Heavenly Father!

Then dinner with the Cano's: we were invited on Friday to go to their house to eat dinner with them. We showed up and a couple minutes late and another member from the church showed up too. (He is Colombian too), so they just kinda had a huge party with our investigator and some church members! It was sweet, they had SUPER good empanandas (with steak in the middle) Man they were the best ones I have ever had! I told Sister Cano that she was going to have to teach me how to make them. I told her I wanted to be able to make it for my Dad when I get home. Then I can help him remember his mission a little bit! haha  After eating we had a good lesson about obedience. Then we all went to church on Sunday, they are super sweet!!! All they need to do is give up coffee and they will be golden! We think that will be easy for them to do :)

I love y'all and remember that the church is true! 
Love y'all, 
Elder Preston Andersen 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Letter #55

Hey Family,
Seems like you had a good week and a good Father's Day Dad! I have been slackin' and just sent your present. The other part of the present is the shirt that mom gave you that didn't fit her. I sent the same one in mom's size home in the package. I also send one for Sharon, and then another surprise for you for Father's Day! :)

This Sunday for Father's Day the Primary children sang, and gave everyone chocolate. I was lucky enough because the Primary children  love me and gave me some chocolate too! I was pretty happy, but it was hard because we were fasting! (This is the 3rd week in a row that we have fasted. First week was Fast Sunday, the second week was for an investigator, and then the third was a mission wide fast!) Like always, it was a good experience!

To top off the week the Cano's went to church! They LOVED it, this is one of the very few families who we teach and they come the first week to church. Normally it takes awhile to warm up but they went in with all heart! The daughter wants to go to Girls Camp with the Young Women, and she wants to come every week for Mutual!, The father loved it too, the Mom only came for the last hour because she had to work. We will work with her so she can come the whole time soon. It was funny because after church we were all talking and then the other Colombians in the Ward were just chatting it up! One of the families in the Ward makes fun of me because I told them that I am rooting for Columbia in the World Cup. They asked me why and so I told them that I am part Colombian. (Because my Dad is from there... well he served his mission there... haha) So I tell them all that I am part Colombian and that they are going to win. The funniest part is Columbia did win their game 3 to 0! So we were all joking about that and we had a blast at the church. I know that the Cano's are a big blessing to us, and they will be baptized really soon! They are sooooo cool. We visit them 6 of the 7 days of the week usually. They just love all we teach them about and they accept it all and know that its true! It is a big blessing to have them and teach them.

One of the things I miss right now is being able to watch The World Cup! I realized that I can just any Hispanic person and they can tell me who is playing when and who won. We always do that and it's awesome how we can talk to random people and have something in common; that we like soccer. On the other side, some people don't answer the door because their team is playing! So having the World Cup going on has it's ups and downs! Hahah!

I know this church is true. I know this is the work of the Lord, we are all missionaries, and it is really easy to share the gospel! All we have to do is be an example, and show people the way to go! I love y'all and I pray for y'all always!
Love, Elder Andersen

Monday, June 9, 2014

Letter #54

Hola familia!
Si fue uno de mis metas para hacer por mi mision! Al leer el Libro de mormon fue bien, pude sentir del espiritu santo bastante. Y esta un poco deficil para leer Todo el Libro De Mormon en 90 dias, pero es posible! Ya cumpli perla de gran precio Libro de mormon, y El Nuevo testimento y quiero cumplir todo antes de termine la mision! Vamos a Ver que pasa! Y tambien Encontamos un nueva familia de Columbia, son de cali (creo) pero ellos son muy preparados, practicamente nos enseno la Palabra de Sabiduria el primera leccion, fue algo que me alegre porque El Senor esta preporando sus hijos aqui y no mas necesitamos hacer el voluntad de el y el va a guiarnos donde esten. Fue un milargro y ya acceptaron un Fecha bautismal , y vamos a ayudarles a alcanzar esta meta! Estoy Muy animado!
Hello family!
Yes, it was one of my goals was to do for my mission! Reading the Book of Mormon was good, I could feel the Holy Ghost a lot. And it is a little difficult to read all of the Book of Mormon in 90 days; but it is possible! Already I have accomplished the Pearl of Great Price, Book of  Mormon, and The New Testament and I want to finish everything before I finish the mission! We'll seewhat happens! And also we found a new family from Colombia; they are from Cali (I think).  But they are very prepared, they practically taught us the Word of Wisdom the first lesson. It was something that made me happy because the Lord is preparing his children here and we only need to do the will of the Lord and He will lead us where they are. It was a miracle and they already accepted a baptismal date, and we will help them achieve this goal! I am very excited!

Ok. I will write in English now! haha! We have had a lot of progress in our Investigators lately. The Lord is really preparing people in our area. Our ward is changing a lot, and it has been willing to help us now! I know its through obedience that we receive these blessings! We have been trying really hard to be doing the right stuff all the time, but we aren't perfect; luckily his grace is sufficient! haha. We might be having another baptism in 2 weeks! It would be some of the members  of the Guillen family; they are super cool! The kids want to get baptized and the Mom also, but the dad does not have to much interest. The thing is that they need to to get married. We might baptize the kids, and then wait till they get married. She is trying to change her work schedule so she can come to church every week! They are super cool!
Then the family from Columbia their names are the Cano's, and they are super sweet! I will have Dad translate the first paragraph for y'all cause i talked a lot about them there!We taught them and they want to get baptized, so it is awesome. Seeing them and their smiling faces, and how they want to learn and that they have desires to do what God wants is awesome.

This week has been a little hard because Elder Larson has been sick this whole week. We were still able to go out and teach, but it felt like a bunch of wasted time. Not to mention now I have a runny nose, but i'll be fine, I have got my handkerchief! haha! 
Dad, I kinda thought that Marcey was waiting for him, but I never knew for sure. That is crazy! They will be a cute couple. :p

Oh, I have a question for y'all!: So a lot of Hispanics are from the tribe of Manessah. A lot that I have met have had weird dreams, like fortune telling things. Like last week I heard a story about this Lady in my ward was talking about her friend that was blind and that she saw her in a dream in a Hammock (like in paradise) and she had beautiful eyes, and that she could see. She thought "Oh, she passed away and  is in the paradise waiting!" and I'm like no way! Then its gets crazier; so she texts the Mom of her friend and she had passed away, and this has happened many times. I heard a bunch of stories about how Hispanics have weird dreams and they can see people in other worlds! Does Manessah have some kind of special blessing with visions? It makes me think of Lehi and his visions cause he is Manessah, so i wonder if that's a blessing or just because he was a prophet? I have been trying to study it but I can't find anything about it hopefully y'all would know something about that!

I cant think of anything else that has happened, but I love y'all and keep up the good work!

Love Elder Andersen

Monday, June 2, 2014

Letter # 53

Hey Family,
Yes, Mom was able to send me a short letter this week. It is fine, I can understand she is with family and is very busy! :p haha. I also look at my mission and I think that I have been here forever, but then I look at it another time and I am thinking that I have barely been here at all! Sometimes I feel like I am brand new! haha. 

I wish I was able to go to the temple more often. It is just so nice to go there, hopefully when I get home I can go all the time! haha

I love the smell of lavender, I used to always get that Laundry Soap Smell, but Elder Larson loves the smell of Tide, so we get that now. (It smells better anyway :p) (My dad said he saw some Lavender Flowers at the Temple) 

This week was awesome!!!!!!!!!!! First off, I was able to finish reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish!! It is crazy because at the beginning I could not understand anything I was reading. All the missionaries told me the promise from the Prophet that if you read it all the way through that you will become fluent! Since Alma on I can pretty much understand everything! The last books there were very few words that I did not know. It is sweet to see that the prophets are serious when they talk about things like this! It is actually kinda funny, but I think this is the first time I have actually read the whole Book of Mormon in a year. The other times I remember getting to like to Alma and then stopping and then finishing the next year or just reading the chapter headings near the end! It was a testimony builder to know the truthfulness of the book again! The Book Of Mormon is the best book ever! I suggest it to everyone! 

Another cool thing was that I was able to give my recent convert the Priesthood. The Bishop gave him the opportunity to chose who he would like to confer the Priesthood upon him. He choose me to do it! I was honored and it was a very spiritual experience! He is progressing so fast, he always wants to leave and do visits with us. He is going to be a super solid member. One sad thing is that when they are able to get sealed I think it will be about 3 weeks after I get home. So... Dad I will have to fly back here to come and witness it!!! We baptized the Mother and Father of the family, so now we are working on the children. They have a 22 year old daughter, a 20 year old Atheist son, a 16 year old son, and another daughter that is 6 years old and she LOVES the church! She forces the parents to go sometimes! :) haha. Helping people find the true gospel is the coolest thing ever! It really is cool to see the changes and the happiness this gospel brings.

We have another investigator family named the Guillen's. They are super cool; on Thursday they came and played basketball with us at the church! We are working very hard to get them married and baptized. The mother really wants to do it, but the father is always busy at work and has like no time. They are sweet and we believe it will happen soon.

We also had this meeting its called "Capatacion" that is it in Spanish (I don't know it in English) It is were we taught the members all the lessons, so then when they come out with us they know what the lessons are and they can help us. (Instead of going off topic all the time!) That was really cool, they all loved that! 

Nothing else that I can think of to report. Next week there will be pictures because I forgot my camera in the car today!
Love y'all
Elder Andersen!~