Monday, April 6, 2015

Letter #97

Hey family,
This week was pretty cool! I loved General Conference! It was super good! It was really funny because it seemed like all the talks in the Saturday Morning Session were all about marriage! At the end of that session my companion and the members were asking me what I learned. I told them all that it looks like I need to get married fast! :) Just like what Elder Ballard said in the Priesthood Session; returned missionaries need to hurry and get married! My favorite talk was by Elder Holland... he is probably my favorite speaker of all! He has such a powerful testimony!

This week we had quarterly interviews with the Mission President. After mine I don't know what to think! Last year when we meet he shut down my idea for working for the Police, he told me that I should not be a Welder because I would get bored of it. Then he asked me what else I wanted to be, and I randomly thought of doing something with the FBI. He said that would be perfect for me, so hey, maybe I will look into going into the FBI now! I just need to talk to President Sharp and see what I should do to be able to get the best chance to get in there! I guess we will see how all that goes! Hahaha

So today, I woke up and threw up a ton! I swear that I lost 10 pounds! How cool is that?!?! Hahah I called the Mission Doctor and he told me it sounds like I have food poisoning. It has been fun running to the bathroom every 10 minutes and throwing up everything I eat! Welcome to the missionary life i guess, everything goes on and you just suck it up! Hahahah

Also this week I did some service and picked up a dead cat! How do y'all like my face in the picture? HAHA Man it was gross! :p

Love Y'all!
Elder Andersen

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