Monday, March 23, 2015

Letter #95

Hey Family,

Espero que no estoy olvidando mi espanol pero claro que si vamos a hablar chismes de los de mas! jaja (I hope I 'm not forgetting my Spanish but of course if we talk gossip when I get home! Haha) That was in response to my dad asking him in Spanish "Como te le va con la idioma Espanol?  !Espero que podremos hablar mucho cuando regresas!" which translates to: How is it going with the Spanish Language? I hope we can talk alot when you come back!"

There has not been too much that has happened this week that I can think of! There is one cool thing that I actually loved... we went to a Pentecostal Church! Don't get worried, of course I know that it is not the true church; but I liked it. It was very different, but I liked how they sang and praised the Lord! Haha. The funny thing is that they sing our Church Hymns! Quick Question; are our Hymns copyrighted? I was not sure if they could do that! :p hahaha.

Another cool thing that happened is that one of our recent converts called us to his house to help him out. He used to be a hard core druggie before he was baptized, and he called us over to help him out because he was wanting to do drugs again. We sat and talked to him and tried to help him get his mind off of it, so we ended up going out to dinner! We spent about 4 hours with him that night, but I know that is where we needed to be to help him! I was really happy to help him out!

OH, and another cool thing is that we had 68 people at church this week! It was a Miracle! The normal average is like 30, so it was a huge change to see so many people there! I was really surprised, but also really happy to see them all! :) We also had 2 investigators at church this week to top it off! It is kind of hard because I am not used to having just 2. I am used to having like 5 investigators in the old wards I served in, but it is a good start for here! :)

Mom and Dad: I sent a package home with some shirts and jackets in it. :) A lot of the stuff was given to me throughout my mission! Feel free to wear it if you want! JUST... don't mess it up! :p ahahah

That is all I can think of for now! 

Love y'all!
Elder Andersen!

P.S. Did y'all know you can own a peacock? Well... a member here does! Mom... I want one too!

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