Monday, March 2, 2015

Letter #92

Hey Family,
This week was pretty cool! I think I told you last week, but if i didn't we were able to attend Heiliey Penillas baptism back in Houston! It was an amazing experience to see them again and see her get baptized! I also enjoyed being able to see all the missionaries in the area again too! It has been hard in my new area because I am only with one person all the time!! I feel bad for my wife when I get married! haha I like getting out and seeing other people for some reason, so I guess I better find someone who feels the same way! The trip was super fun! We had a member drive us in his HUGE Dually Truck, it was soooo nice and he drove fast. He was going about 95 mph all the way to Houston! It was soooo crazy!!! Picture below!

I wanted to say Thanks for everything I got for my birthday! I really loved all the different things I got! It was funny to open the present and see just a bunch of treats... The only problem was that it was fast Sunday so I could not eat it until later. I kept thinking to myself; Well it is my birthday.... so I can do it! :p haha

Something funny that happened this week is that we talked to some drunk Hispanics... actually I guess that is kind of a typical day! ahah However, this one was really funny. He was talking about how Obama is a horrible President, but how he hates Republicans because they don't like immigrants. I wanted to say some things but I did not want to offend him. He was super drunk and crying and saying that he thought all white people hate Hispanics. I asked him "Why are we talking to you then? We are out here to help!" and then he changed his attitude toward us. He was pointing his finger at me and getting in my face a little bit, I was getting ready to punch him in the face, but I kept my cool. At the end of talking to them, they came to love us because we spoke Spanish. We even got a return appointment with them! It was a funny thing I am sure for others to have watched! They also really thought my Spanish was good, so I decided to tell them I was from Bogota Columbia and they both believed me, and started asking me how it was there. After that they talked about how there are a lot of drug cartels there and that I should join them so I can get more money! Man, I love Hispanics, they are sooo funny sometimes!

Oh, and after the baptism I got to see the Canos'! They brought me a birthday cake and empanadas! I really love and miss them!

Love y'all!
Elder Andersen

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