Monday, December 29, 2014

Letter # 83

Hey family,
This week we found out who is getting transferred and guess who is leaving..... NOT ME!!!!!! This will be my 9th transfer here in this area. I am a little disappointed, but I guess the Lord has better plans for me here! I guess we will see what this transfer has in store for me! 

But the coolest miracle just happened on Friday - Sunday! We had a miracle baptism this week! This is what I wrote in my letter to the Mission President this week:
This week was really good! We had a lot of success this week even though we had a lot of meetings and stuff happening. We had the coolest miracle with our baptism this week. He did not have a date set at the start of the week, and we saw him on Wednesday and set up an appointment with him on Saturday. We had happened to see him on Friday because he lives at a members house. The spirit told me to ask him what he was doing on Sunday! So, I did and he said "Nothing." Then the spirit told me to ask him if he wanted to get baptized on Sunday, so I asked and he said "Yeah!" and then he asked us what he needed to do to be able to be baptized. So we told him we would see him the next day to finish the lessons, and then ask him the interview questions to see if he was ready! So we went over and taught the rest of the lessons and asked him the baptismal questions and he knew them perfectly. He was so ready! We set up the time for the baptism and then the time for his interview. He told us he was going to get home late the night before and that he might need some help waking up. I asked him if we could call him to help and he said that would be fine. We called him about 5 times to help wake him up and he didn't answer. We decided that we should drive to his house to make sure he was awake. Luckily we did because when we got there we learned that he wasn't. We knocked on the door and the member opens it and told us that he wound not be baptized that day because he was still asleep, and that he had not heard our phone calls. In that moment I knew that he was going to get baptized that day, so I asked the member to go knock on his door. He did, and then he came back saying that he was still asleep and that the baptism isn't going to happen. We were then able to talk the investigators wife into going to try to wake him up... well she did it after awhile. And guess what?? He came down and said that he would get ready! We showed up to church late with all the waking up stuff, but he still got his interview done and passed and was ready to be baptized! After I heard in the Christmas Conference the part about "Our faith will be tried, and the storms will come in..." I knew I had just kept my faith in that moment and hoped for the best!

Needless to say it as a pretty cool miracle! It was amazing for me to see!

It was really nice to talk to the family on Google, it felt really weird to me. I don't know why but I think it is probably because I am coming home really soon to see y'all ... Man the mission really does go by fast!

This week we had the Christmas Conference, it was really cool and fun! We had a bunch of food all I ate was meat and man was it delicious! I have missed having meat, I am still not tired of beans and rice yet so I guess that is a good thing! Hahaha! 

Thanks for everything! I love y'all!
Elder Andersen

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