Monday, December 22, 2014

Letter #82

Hey Family!
I see those cars all the time! If a truck here does not say "Texas Edition" then there is something wrong! As the saying goes... Everything is bigger and better in Texas! Haha! I see at least 100 Texas Edition trucks daily! I am soooo going to buy one and bring it to Cali when I get enough money after the Mission!! :p Haha! (In response to my Dad asking: While driving the other day in Clovis, I noticed this car ahead of me at the traffic light.  I think I noticed the license plate first; but then I saw the "Texas edition Yukon" logo at the lower left side.  Do you ever see that kind in Houston?)

This week was pretty cool! Not too much going on to report, but we have been eating a lot of food! I guess that is the normal around here! Haha.

As for Skype: I sent you an e-mail with the member's phone numbers. We will put your "Spanish Skills" to the test to set up a time and talk to them! Actually the father does speaks English so you can communicate with him if you don't remember a couple of the Spanish words! Haha.

I can't believe that Nolan is engaged! -And to a Chilean girl! Does he know Spanish? Or  I guess does she know English well?!?! Neat.

But nothing really crazy happened this week! Oh, except that I was Santa's Elf at the Ward Christmas Party! Only because the Santa costume didn't fit me! Haha! It was a fun party!

Talk to you soon!

Love, Elder Andersen

~ fun district picture!

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