Monday, December 15, 2014

Letter #81

Hey Family,
This week was not as exciting and action packed as the last week! However, it was still pretty cool and fun! Honestly, I cant think of anything that has happened... Except there is a Member in our Ward that is a GENIUS!!!!!! Man, I asked him so many questions, and he was able to answer them all! They were all deep doctrine questions, I asked a lot about sealing's and how that works, and I asked him about wayward children. What I learned is pretty much that the kids can ride off of the parents merit to be exalted! How crazy is that! We shouldn't do bad things and then just rely on our parents because it will only be your family; not the family of the wayward child! So it is worth it to gain your own salvation! You will have to suffer to be able to be exalted from that, and it is just better if you earn it here! I thought that was pretty crazy to hear! He talked a lot about the Temple and the Egyptians and how paintings and symbols are similar so man I was so mind blown!

We had this really funny O.Y.M. with a Black guy that wanted to kill us... So, I tried to go and talk to him and what happened is that he started making fun of us. After he did that we started walking away and then he started saying things about Joseph Smith. I turned around and asked him if he knew who he was and he said yeah... l Joseph, Jesus' dad and Smith & Wesson! I heard that, and it got a little smile on my face, and then he started walking to us and said "I got 2 hands for a reason, come and see them." talking about he wanted to fight us now... So me being myself, I turned around and looked at him thinking he was going to try to fight us... to our amazement he has a sword in his hand! Haha! I nudged my companion and said that he has a sword, so we just started to walk away! As we were walking away he was cussing at us and calling us names. I told my companion that if he didn't have the sword I would have beat the crap out of him! Haha That was my funny story of the week!

Oh and Elder Balls ripped his pants... he was jumping over this bayou and ripped his pants at the crotch! We were over a mile from the car too! It was a really funny walk back to the car needless to say! Hahaha!

Nothing else I can really think of! I hope all you are going good!
Love y'all,
Elder Andersen
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