Monday, December 1, 2014

Letter #79

Hey Family!
This week was pretty cool and really funny!
To start off the week, we had a lot of food! On Thanksgiving we had 2 and a half dinners! I was so full at the last dinner appointment that I had my pants un-buttend the whole time! Haha! I realized when I got home that I had them like that! For the dinners we had turkey that was super spicy! It was like a hot turkey, we also had tamales of course! And for dessert pecan pie! I was so upset that they did not have any Pumpkin Pie this whole week! I was a little sad because that is my favorite Thanksgiving treat! Hispanics know how to party, but not how to do the food for the party! Haha!

On Friday we received permission from our Mission President to go to the Temple because Griselda (recent converts daughter) was going to the temple to take out her endowments! it was an awesome experience to see her go through for the first time! She will be leaving for her mission to Tucson Arizona on Wednesday! I know she will be an amazing missionary!

On Saturday we went to our recent converts house to eat dinner, and OH MAN was it funny! One of the member's brought over a Habenero Pepper; which is one of the spiciest peppers in the world! Of course I dared my companion to eat it! He said OK, and the members were like... "Wow he is really going to eat it..." but they thought he was playing. I put it in his mouth and he chewed it and swallowed it and I busted up laughing because I knew in the next couple minutes he would be crying, and his face would turn red! I kept eating normally and was trying to hold in my laughter, then I looked over and saw that he was soooooo red and crying! The members started asking what was wrong and I told them "He really ate the pepper!" they all thought he was joking when he said he would it it! He was struggling the whole day! He told me he didn't know what the pepper was and so he ate it! Man... did he suffer that whole day for sure!

To top off the week we got a call from the Sister Missionaries, they asked us if we could go and cast out a demon from the house of a Ward Family Member. We called the phone number the Sister Missionaries gave us and they asked for us to come over the following Sunday at 5pm.  They offered to feed us dinner first, and then we could cast it out. When the member told me this, I was like... "Uhmm this is a little weird... but alright!" So this upcoming Sunday we will see what happens! Apparently there is a demon that haunts this family and the kid when they play with this ghost!??! The member tried doing a Dedicatory Prayer on the house and left a picture of Jesus Christ, and the next day the picture was all scratched up. I am a little scared to go in, but I have to do it! I am just really surprised that they want us to wait a whole week to come do it, but ok... Haha!

Other that that the week was good! I can't believe that I come home in about 5 months.. it goes so fast! Almost too fast!
Love y'all!
Elder Andersen

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