Monday, December 8, 2014

Letter #80

Hey Family,
Christmas is my favorite time of the year! It is the best to see members so happy! I hate to admit it, but some times they get a little too generous, and give us everything! They are especially generous in this area with food! We did not buy too much this week because our members fed us way to much! I am full every day and I have started to just ask them if we can take it to go when they offer more food! I have found a way to get around that! Haha!

It is funny Dad, because my companion is still having side effects from the Habenero Pepper! haha Yesterday a member came with us to a dinner appointment and I told them about the Habenero Pepper story. We were eating fajitas so the topic came up, everyone laughed! The member that came with us is from Guatemala and they don't have much spicy food, so he said he wanted to try one! The people searched in their fridge but they were not able to find one for him to try. So, sadly he did not get to get on the prank too! 

This week was really cool! One of my recent converts  daughter left for her mission! It was really cool to say goodbye to her. She told us a cool story about when she get her endowments! Her father had passed away about a year and a half ago and she wanted our bishop to go through for him, so he did. When we were in the Celestial Room. I  looked at Grisleda (the new sister missionary) and saw a man right next to her, but I did not think about it.  When I spoke with her about it on Tuesday she told me what had happened. In the celestial room the bishops wife was asking her what her father looked like, and she described him to her, and then the bishops wife told her that her father was right next to her! So I totally saw an ANGEL!!!!!! Man how crazy is that! When I heard the story from her I almost cried the spirit was strong in that moment!

We taught a lesson to a new investigator in front of Home Depot... (funny thing is he stands in front of Home Depot just waiting for people to come tell him they need work!) I guess it is funny to me because it is just stereotypical Hispanics! ahha It was a weird lesson outside., but it was cool because he came to church and really wants to get baptized.

On Saturday we went with the Canos to the temple. The whole family and Hermana Canos' sister all had to fit into a Camero! We were able to fit 6 in a 4 seater car! ahah It was really cool and funny! We laugh so much. The next day at church the family bore their testimonies of what had happened at the temple!

This week I was able to bear my testimony and I started off saying "Nobody knows when your last testimony will be..."  but according to this ward it will never be like that with me because I am never leaving! Haha  I was able to get one of the Cervantes' daughters to cry! She thinks that I am leaving soon! I guess we will see.

Casting out the demon went really well! I didn't feel anything dark when I walked into the room. We sang Nearer my God to Thee in Spanish, and then we read 3 Nephi, chapter 11. Then I dedicated the house and when we left I could definitely feel the spirit really strong! I really hope that what we did helps the family out!

Also the Canos' threw a surprise Birthday Party for Elder Balls! That was really fun!

Love y'all!
Elder Andersen
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