Monday, November 24, 2014

Letter #78

Hey Family,
This week was pretty crazy! As you know we had transfers, and then add everything else normal going on... but it was a good week to say the least! I got a new companion! Don't laugh at his name... his name is Elder Balls! He presents himself as "Elder Pelotas" (which is balls in Spanish) and it was funny the first member we got to visit he presented himself and I started busting up laughing and the member looked at me and so I said "los chimes nunca van a acabar!" (the rumors will never stop) It was really funny because every house we went to he says his name they all laugh and he totally get smirks when he talks! Haha He is a funny guy, and he likes it when people make fun of his name! I.D.K. why but its funny! He is a newer missionary, he has been out for about 4 months! So he is a little baby!

The last couple of days has been really funny! Elder Balls always keeps me laughing, but he is serious when we need to be serious and we really enjoy our time! That is helping with my stress, I am learning to relax and have a good time! President told me that he is willing to take more responsibility so I am looking forward to having him do a lot and me relax more, than me doing everything!

I can't think of anything that happened this week except that Elder Jarvis and I took some cool videos and pictures on our last day together! There is a sweet picture at the church when Elder Jarvis was planking on my back! I will have to send that one!

One cool thing that happened is that we got home in 5 min from the Penillas house! They live about 10 minutes from our apartment with normal driving time, but we were needing to get home in time so I went full out trying to get home! Man it was crazy how we were able to get home, all you can here is TIWI saying check your speed like 40 times and me slamming on the brakes to get in the speed range then speeding up and man we made it home with 30 seconds to spare! It was a crazy miracle that all the lights happened to turn green as soon as we got to all them! 

But other than that I cant think of anything else to tell you!

Love y'all!
Elder Andersen

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