Monday, December 2, 2013

Letter # 27

Hey Family,
This week has been kinda hard, but really funny! My companion and I have been arguing over dumb stuff lately. We have it all pretty much sorted out; he is just a little "cray cray" so I have a lot to adjusting to do! This week has been one of the funniest weeks ever! When I send my SD card home you will understand more. I will tell the story at the end of my letter!
Thanksgiving was amazing. I had a bunch of food, we were at the Amezquita's house playing Pictionary with them that night. I was teamed up with Rayanin, she a very cute 6 year old girl. She has the word PIE, but she can't read yet so she asked me what it said. I told her it said PIE but she must have mistaken what I told her for "PIG". She went up and started to draw and I was like that looks nothing like a pie... what is she doing?!?! The team guessed PIG and then I realized and thought... Oh no! Did she understand me? So I had to tell everyone that it was supposed to be PIE. After I said that they all laughed. It was a blast, the family really loves me so much. I have helped them so much, I feel like I am here in Kemah for them specifically! We had all the traditional thanksgiving food, and then they made Tortas. They were to die for, they were so good. I think I ate so much food that day its not even funny!
As an apartment we made our own turkey this year! At Wal-Mart they were selling turkeys for 65 cents. I was thinking that was good, so we were going to buy it. Then some lady told us the HEB is selling their turkeys for 22 cents. So being a decedent of the Andersen's and learning from Matthew Bird of course I knew I was going to have them price match it!! So we got this huge 24 pound turkey for 6 dollars!! It was amazing!!! I cooked it and seasoned it and it was perfect! We still have a bunch of leftovers so that is probably going to be my lunch for today :p
Funny story of the week!
So we are teaching this guy named Hugo Martinez. He is a "Drunk Mexican", we have talked to him 4 times and one time we actually caught him sober. He is soooo different when he is sober. When he is drunk he thinks that he is God's protector from the devils, and without him there would be no God! So my companion and I decided to go deeper into this plot of his.  (all the things he tells us is in his dreams when he sleeps.) So he told us that he had fought 1000 devils to save God and as he was killing him then two angels came and picked him up and carried him away. So my companion and I said "We are those two angels that saved you. Now we are here to help you in real life!" He goes on and says something about how we are good but not as good as the angels... this was all being said in Spanish and I understood most of it. I asked him how he killed the devils and he says that when he was 10 he learned from the Chinese Karate guy who is a master and then he proceeds to show us his skills! (Yes I just happened to record some of this, so y'all will get a kick out of it. Dad will have to translate it.) So he tells us that with his bamboo he kills the devils, and then he tells us he is a cobra, then he kills them with oranges! So this guy is all over the place and crazy! He is the funniest guy ever! That is why I always go over and talk to him!
I thought a funny story would be good for this week! I love y'all and y'all are always in my prayers.
Love, Elder Andersen

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