Monday, November 25, 2013

Letter # 26

Hey Family!
Papa estoy animado que le gusta leer me cartas en espanol, yo debe escribir todo en espanol entonces puedo tener mas practica en eso. Me companero me dijo que en nuestro lecciones estoy mejorando en hablando con fluencia y claridad. Estoy agradecido por me Padre Celestial que siempre bendice me en me idioma y en su obra. "Dad, I am excited that you like to read my letters in Spanish. I should write all in Spanish; then I can have more practice in that.  My companion told me that in our lessons I am getting better at talking with fluency and clarity.  I am grateful for my Heavenly Father who He always blesses me in my language and in His work."
To be honest, I  like Spanish way more then English.  There are some things I like more in English; like it is very descriptive and Spanish is not very descriptive at all. Sometimes I think they are just very lazy! :p
I hope you have fun at family's house for thanksgiving, I am getting very excited for mine here cause we are going to the Menendez house. They will be making Floutas and some other Spanish specialty's! I love Spanish food, I just can't get enough! When there is something new to try I am so excited, like yesterday I tried persimmon's for the fist time. (even though we have one in our back yard) I learned that I really like Jacotes rojo, (dad you will like this) its like a plum but only grown in El Salvador. I love eating it, the people tell me the best is to suck on the pit of it, and they are right! It is delightful!! Yesterday we had pasole which i did not like the first 3 times I tried it, but yesterday it was really good! I don't know what it is but it was really good!!!!
The Menedez family has 3 kids, and they are the coolest! One lives a mile away from the parents and he is super cool. I talked about how I saw this sweet hammock and I wanted a special one from outside of this country. He said he has some of the ones that I wanted that his friend dropped at his house awhile ago. He said that he doesn't want it so he said I can have it! Now I am going to get a super sweet hammock! (Yes Dad, I will send it home and you can use. Or whoever has room for it to use they can borrow it!) The members here are the nicest, they always ask if there is anything we need or want and they will give it to us. That is one of the thing that I love about the Hispanic culture, they are always nice and willing to do anything for others. They members are especially helpful to missionaries. :p
Nothing big has happened this week, but I have seen some big changes in our branch. We are bringing a lot of "Less Actives" back to strengthen the ward and then they get their friends to come to the church! The best way for missionary work is through the members! :)
I love y'all and y'all are always in my prayers!
P.S. This picture was really cool even though they aren't doing good this season :P
Love Elder Andersen 

Preston Sent me other pictures too...
 I asked for a sunset picture ~ Isn't this beautiful!? He said the camera just does not do it justice!
This was the early Thanksgiving Missionary Meal.

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