Monday, December 9, 2013

Letter # 28

Hey family,
So to start off, I wanted to talk about my trip to NASA!! It was super cool, I have some pictures at the bottom of this letter so y'all can see how awesome it was! (I have some more pictures on my camera, so when I send it home you can see the rest of them! :) The first picture is Apollo17. NASA did not have the funding; so it never launched! It was a huge rocket!!! The second picture is of Elder Preece in front of one of the blasters. There were so many blasters!! This thing was huge!!!! (I hope Landon love's it.) I loved the whole trip! We were able to take a tram to the Mission Control Center, that was the coolest thing ever!!!

Oh, and Dad I went to the Campos house again. They told me about all the good fruits from Columbia. I wondered if you remember any of these?!?! Mamoncillo, Guama, Lulo, Zapote, Pitaya and they made a super good Mango Guava drink!! Colombians make the best drinks ever!!!

We had two really good lessons with the Penillas, they are a part-member family. Brother Penillas is a member, his wife is not. We were able to find out both of their doubts during our visit! We shared two different lessons with them, and Brother Penillas shared with us that he doesn't think there is a God. He said this because he was watching The Discovery Channel and saw a show that said that Aliens created us. Apparently this show said that they did it to find gold, and somehow the Aliens died and so now we are alone. I bore my testimony about Joseph Smith translating the plates and how he had the vision. Brother Penillas was like "Yeah, it could be true."  So I asked him if he wants to find out if its true or not. He said yes, so I challenged him to read the Introduction to the Book Of Mormon. I asked him to read it everyday for a week, and to pray and ask God every time he reads if it is true. I promised him he will get his answer, so we will see if he keeps his promise and takes on my challenge. 
SIster Penillas his wife said she is not doing anything because she feels like she can't come closer to God because she has hatred to her mom for abandoning her for 13 years of her life. She also has a hard time because her husbands parents don't like her, so she is feeling like God wont help her if she has bad feelings with them. We told her we have the perfect lesson for her about those things, and that next time we come over we will have an amazing lesson planned for her! We are watching this Mormon message about forgiveness. It is a story about a father forgiving this teenager for killing his family while he was driving drunk. That is true forgiveness! I challenge all y'all to go watch it. Here is the link:
It is very awesome, and it will brighten your day! It shows you true Christ like love. I know that she will be happy after this lesson! :)
I love y'all, and keep up everything you do! :)

Love, Elder Andersen

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