Monday, December 30, 2013

Letter #31

Hey Family, 
This week was good and upsetting at the same time! Of course I love the Holiday Season, and I love that I got to chat with y'all on Skype too :) It was
good to talk to you and see how whats new with everyone. I just wish I had gotten to talk to Steve in Spanish, but I guess he was busy! I really enjoyed talking
to all y'all and being able to talk with Dad in Spanish. I hope y'all got a kick
out of our investigator he is literally crazy! Funny story from
yesterday; We taught this guy named Tintan and he was drunk like most
of our investigators. We tried talking to him about El Libro de
Mormon but he was crazy! At the end we prayed with him and he said
the prayer. In his prayer he talked about how he didn't understand
our Spanish because we were "White Americans" and then he thanked God for
sending us even though all of us are B's sometimes. He CUSSED IN A
PRAYER!!!!! I was like really dude?!?! So hopefully we can help this
Fool! ;p

Thanks everyone for the presents! I will be sending yours off this
week because I am late on my shipping! They are all the same gift so
don't get to excited! I hope y'all love them :) This Christmas was
very cool to me. We got to go teach some lessons to some members and also some less actives in the ward. We were stuffed with food that day, and we took home
a lot of Tamales!!!(if you didn't know yet; I love tamales!) So of course I had those for breakfast, lunch and dinner! :) This year was really fun
to experience away from home. I got to learn about helping others on Christmas! I know that is what God wants from us!

This is a story that really got to me this week:
We went to the Hospital to give a member a blessing before she went
into surgery. Of course everything is fine, and she made a through
with no complications.(she had to get her gallbladder removed) Right before we were going to give them a lesson, Giovanni and his
sister walk in.(They are members and we are working with him to get
him on a mission) We talked a little more and Elder Bushman gave
the lesson to the other people while I talked to Gio. I asked him about his testimony and he doesn't have a very
strong one, so I bore mine to him and talked about the restoration
a little bit. He does believe that there is a God and that this is the
true church, or else he wouldn't be the person he is now. Then he
said something that really hit me and I know I am here for a
reason.(This guy is very hard headed and doesn't listen very well) He
told me that I am here for him. He said when I teach lessons that he
understands perfectly and he gets what I am saying. He said that when Elder Bushman
teaches he doesn't always get it and he gets upset. So he loves me and really looks
up to me! I love that I can teach to his needs and say what he needs to hear. I think I am the one really getting him on a mission. He wants to go, but
he doesn't have the funds to really do it, cause he supports
the family! I just tell him the blessing of me serving a mission. I know without fail the Lord will provide! His brother also told me
something that hit me. He spoke about how bad his dyslexia is, and how he feels that we think that he is retarded. Honestly hearing
that, he doesn't know how much I really look up to him. He has a
beautiful family and he is happy in life. He might not have all the
money he wants, but I know how he loves his family and how he makes
them happy. He is one of the most generous people I know. That
whole family is super nice and I am really happy I have the
opportunity to help and serve them. I know that I am
here for a reason, and I know that I am helping them in their lives! I know this church is true, I know Joseph saw God the Father and his Son! I testified of it last night and I always get a confirmation when I say it that it is true! I love to quote it! It is the best feeling ever! One of the
sisters in my Zone said she is "In love with the spirit!" when I first heard her say this I thought that was kinda funny. Now that I have been on the Mission a little longer I know it is so true. I am addicted to what it feels
like, it is definitely the best feeling in this world!
I love y'all so much!

Love Elder Andersen

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