Monday, December 16, 2013

Letter #29

Hey Family!
Dad, before I forget; Yes I did receive your letter about family
history.(I forgot to tell you last week) It was a really good story,
I might have to use that in some kind of lesson! :)
I think the Campos Family loves me! I often talk about you serving in
Columbia so they give me the good stuff! They made empanadas last time
we were there, and they were sooooo good :) Sadly, we didn't get to try
any of the fruit I talked about before, but I hope to try them soon! Also, Dad the beard is sweet!!!

I think the cold's have been coming around to everyone. Last month I
have had the sneezes and a cough. Luckily Mom replenished my cough drops with the last package, so now I am good now,:) Thanks!!!!!!

We had a Christmas Program also. However, we were not able to go to it. We have been having a lot of planned out lessons, but they all end up not being home or "too busy." It is pretty difficult to help people if they don't want our help. I know we are out here to find the people that are being prepared!

Oh and another thing I found out is I get to stay for another transfer in Kemah! I will be in the same apartment for the next 6 weeks! :) You
can send the letters now! :p

This week I went on exchanges to Galveston. I was with Elder Ve'e, we had a lot of fun!! It was also very funny!! It was very weird because I was able to teach in English. While on the exchange we met this guy named Smug! (that is his baseball name) We tried to teach him but he would talk about how a serpent told him he was going to eat him back in 1964. (and he is only like 35) I am thinking like Ok, this guy is crazy! Then he took it to another level! He started talking about when he was in prison he saw Christ's dead body. Elder Ve'e told him we know that Christ has been resurrected. Smug was like "No he isn't, he is dead!" and then he told us he saw his spirit 3 days after they put his body in the room. So then I was convinced that this man is crazy! I told him we needed to go, and asked him if we could leave with a prayer. He made us go around saying a prayer. Elder Ve'e said it in English and then I asked if I could say it in Spanish. He is like "Yeah definitely." So I said one in Spanish, he was amazed that I knew another language. After my prayer he asked "Do y'all know Hebrew?" So me being me I said "Of course I do!" and so he went on saying his prayer in Hebrew... but it was the farthest thing from Hebrew. It was just random noises and Elder Ve'e and I were laughing so hard in the middle of the prayer and we just could not stop laughing. It was so funny that I just had to record this crazy man! So I told him "I am a little rusty on my Hebrew can I record you to brush up on it a little?" he accepted and let me record him. So y'all will see it when I send it. :p I was laughing through the whole video too! At the end of it he spoke in his own made up language. Needless to say it was a very crazy day! A little later Elder Ve'e fell of his bike and ripped his pants down the crotch. That was funny, and then we ran into the Spanish Elders in the area and one of them got pooped on in the face! It was a very funny day! Missionary work can be very fun and very amusing sometimes!

Next week President Ashton changed p-day to Tuesday. (December 24th) So that is when I will know when we will be able to skype on Christmas. So look forward to that, and remind me to tell you! :p

Today I just finished John in the Bible. I have read all of the
Testaments, and it has really helped my testimony grow in Jesus Christ and his ministry! It was wonderful to read that! I am trying to read the whole Bible while on my mission!
I love y'all so much!
Love Elder Andersen

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