Monday, November 4, 2013


I don't usually share my personal e-mails that Elder Andersen sends to me... but I HAD to share this one AND the picture he sent with it! I sent Elder Andersen a Halloween Card in the mail with a longer letter and some money in it. A girl from college that he was dating before his mission "wrote him off" which we call being "Dear Johned". On my husbands mission when you got a Dear John letter they made you a cake. So we decided to send him some money to go and BUY a cake because we were not there to make one for him!! So glad that he is able to really serve now that he is not worrying about any girls back home!! :) Oh and also I made friends with someone from his mission on FB and told him to give Elder Andersen a hug for me! :) ENJOY ~ 

whatssssss uuuuuppppppp!!!!!!!!!????
So your letters are awesome! They totally make my whole week! I took advantage of your offer for the "Dear John Cake"! I will attach a picture of it too! I decided to splurge a little, so I got myself a Red Velvet Cake Roll!!! It was heavenly- defiantly worth the "dear john letter"!!!
Well as you can see in the picture it doesn't look like i was smiling. I tried real hard to make a funny face but it didn't turn out so good. :p Thanks for everything you do for me you are the best!!!
And Ivan gave me a hug :p He showed me the conversation with you on FB! He is the funniest guy ever!! He comes out with us sometimes and he is hilarious!
Thanks for the pictures too!  :)
Love Elder Andersen

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