Monday, October 28, 2013

Letter #22

Hey Family,
Well, I can easily say this was my favorite week in my mission -- when you go through hard times the Lord makes up for the rest! We have seen many Miracles this week and I am so happy to be here!
We had Zone Conference with President Ashton, and we also had individual interviews with him. I had some very good conversations with him and asked him questions and he answered everything perfectly, (if I was one-tenth as spiritual as my president, I would have a good life!) He is the MAN!!!!
My favorite part of this week was a couple weeks ago we had talked to Josh Amezquita about him serving a mission. He told us that he wants to go; but he does not want to leave his mom because she has diabetes and his dad has passed away. He does not want to see her pass and he brings in some money for the bills. I told him that my mom has diabetes too so I can see his worry. But I shared with him this that since I have left on my mission; I can testify that my mom is in better hands (the Lord) with me on the mission than with me at home with her. I was just bearing my testimony and I was bawling because the spirit was so strong. He started crying and he told us that he was going to pray about it. We followed up on Tuesday this week with him and he made up his mind that he is going on a mission! After I heard that I gave him a huge hug and told him that I loved him because that is the best thing for him to do! He really loves me and we get along so well! After that experience on the way home, I just felt like my mission was complete! I feel like I am here for him to help him out. I do know that there are others for me to help; but I know I was here to help him specifically :)
President Ashton has given us some new training and I really took it to heart! I applied the training in my lessons and found a lot of miracles and new potential people. Every day I am here I love it more and more :)  Here is a sweet picture of Texas.
I love you all and pray for ya'll all the time :)
Love, Elder Andersen

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