Monday, November 4, 2013

Letter #23

Hey family!!!
Yes dad I am a little jealous of your partying; but I am satisfied here too :)  We received transfer calls today and I am staying here again :) I LOVE it here in Kemah! Even though it's very hard to find people; but I know the Lord will provide a way!
Every day I am out here, I find out that this gospel is more and more true as I read the scriptures and pray! It is an awesome opportunity to serve a mission. I do have hard days and weeks; but I know the Lord is here with me and I have have angels holding me up cause there are days where I can't go on but there is literally a force pushing me and guiding me of what I need to do!
Funny story:
We helped a less active move out of her apartment and we thought it was going to be an easy move -- just putting things from her house in the truck and leaving. But when we got there, we found out that we will be moving her into her next place too; so overall it took 5 hours!!!!! But we arrived there to a messy house that hasn't even been packed, so we help pack and then put everything in the truck. I used the dolly to take the dryer to the truck while Elder Bushman was getting the washer prepped and I come back to water squirting everywhere. And I was like man, what happened?!?! We thought they would have turned off the water but they didn't, and the knobs didn't work so we had to turn of the complex's water so they were out of water for a little. But that happened for a good 10 minutes -- it looked like Elder Bushman went swimming at the end and her kitchen was in 3 inches of water. (When I send my camera stick, you will see some funny videos of this and some pictures) but yeah it was just a crazy day!!!  
And yes, we did have a Halloween party and the picture below is of our Halloween party there. It was an English ward and a Spanish branch mixed; so it was really fun! The girls with the mustaches are in my district in our branch and the guy behind is a missionary in the English ward named Elder Sami, he was Captain Moroni and me and elder Mastergeorge are duck dynasty representatives. We also got to judge the chili, (one of the good perks of a missionary always gets to judge the winner of food contests:)) The other girls are in the English ward; so I don't know them but they loved mine and elder Mastergeorge's costume :)
Today I studied Integrity and it really hit me what it means and what we have to do. One story that I read today was in Daniel 6. It is a story about how Daniel went against the laws to know what God wanted him to do, and I know if we have integrity cause we know it to be true, then we will receive alot of blessings :)
Love ya'll and don't forget about integrity.
Love, Elder Andersen

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