Monday, November 11, 2013

Letter #24

Hey family,
This week has been very rough. We had many scheduled appointments and then they all seemed to fall through -- they either weren't there, drunk, or busy with something. But I have learned that the power of prayer is the key. God knows where we need to go but it is hard to be in tune with the spirit; so we have to listen closely. Lately, Elder Bushman and I have been relying on prayer to know and see and the last couple of weeks, we have seen many miracles we felt we needed to go see. And it's pretty sweet how the Lord's hand is in this work, and we find out that we are just instruments and he tells us what to do and were to go.

A cool story:
Yesterday we went and saw an investigator and her name is Gabby and she is cool. We want to teach her family but they are always busy. But one thing that is cool about them is the husband makes ribs and he charges 30 dollars for a rack of ribs and, as we were leaving the lesson, he asked us if we wanted some. Of course, ya'll know me; I will never turn down food. So I took them and they were soooooooooo good!!! The meat just fell off the bone and it was amazing!
But of course, mom, nothing is compared to your food :)

I love ya'll and keep up everything! Keep me in your prayers and pray for me to be a better missionary. :)

Love, Elder Andersen

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