Monday, April 27, 2015

Letter #100

Hey family,
I am so happy to see that you are doing the Lords work! It really is the BEST thing EVER!!!!!!! I am getting sad to leave my mission, but like another missionary told me just last week; he is depressed to leave the mission, but excited to see what the Lord has in store for him at home! I feel pretty equal to what he said! I am excited to go home, because I know I can always be a missionary at home too!:) It is literally the best thing in the WORLD to see people coming unto Christ, it is true happiness and it lasts!! :)

Just to let y'all know, this will be my last message! I don't think they let us email the day before we go home, so this is going to be my last official email that I send off to y'all!

To answer your questions dad;
-No, not at all. But I will now!
-I will take about a normal time, so 15 min. but if yours is short I can fill in for you :p Don't worry, I have a lot of stories to tell!
-Yes, I would love to go car shopping! :) I always love car shopping! If you can wait for me to go that would be awesome!
-and last, yes! I am down to go on that camping trip. :)

Glad you have gotten everything situated for when I come home! It will be nice that we are not scrambling around everywhere! Hahah Everything sounds good for all the meeting times! :)

I am very sad to hear about Ashton and his mother! If you see him, tell him I will be praying for them and that I love them! I love that song Glorious too! That is a great song.

This week, Sam was not baptized. As we walked in to give him the interview, he had drank that day and was still a little buzzed. As we walked in, he woke up and told us that he just had his last beer with his buddies. We went on with the interview and about 20 minutes into it Sam slams open the door and tells Elder Carter to get out of his house. Obviously, we left his house when he was mad. To start off, Sam was soooo excited to get baptized on Sunday and nothing would stop him from it. Then when Elder Carter told him he will have to wait another week, that got him really mad because he was so set on doing it on that Sunday! He got really mad and kicked us out of his house! We all leave and Elder Carter tells us what happened and said he pasted the interview portion and that he was golden, but that he would have to wait a week to get baptized because its a rule that they have to be clean for a week. My companion and I said a prayer and we decide to go back to his house and talk it through. We opened the door and he was still super mad the Elder Carter because he would have to wait a week, however we calmed him down, and told him that it was our fault for not telling him that he couldn't drink. (even though we told him every day that week not to drink). We talked him into getting baptized next week and that he was going to go to church. So Sunday rolls around and he send us a text that he doesn't want to get baptized anymore. We are guessing he is still mad. We have an appointment with him today so we will try to help him feel the spirit again and have the same desires to get baptized this Sunday! If y'all can pray for him that he can soften his heart and can get baptized this Sunday would be awesome!

Other than that, I cant think of any other things that have happened... I guess I will see y'all soon!

Love y'all!
Elder Andersen

Picture of the Victoria District!

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