Monday, April 13, 2015

Letter #98

Hey family,
This week was pretty dang crazy and fun at the same time! Time flies and I still cant believe how fast it goes! So some cool things that happened this week: First off, we went on exchanges with our Zone Leader Elder Dennis. He is pretty cool and a really good missionary! I learned a lot from him and we did a lot of things that day too!

Next; one of our investigators was drunk when we visited him. (we actually stole his beers, see picture below) We were inviting him to church and he asked us if we sing and dance in church, so I told him that it depends on the dancing. I let him know that I would have to see it to tell him if he can do it! So he said it is called the "C-walk", and since I am from California that I should know what it is! I guess it is really called the "crip walk"! So I asked him to show me because he was drunk and I knew it would be really funny... so as i am persuading him to do it, I grabbed my camera! He complys and says that he needs some music to dance, so his friend puts on music and he does his dance... MAN it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny! I almost died of laughter! I got it all on video, so in 3 weeks y'all can see his "Crip walk"! Hahaha

This week we visited a part member family and they have the coolest house ever! The husband  is a non-member and he invited us to go fishing with him! :) I am excited to do that with him soon, hopefully we can get him to come to church and accept the gospel. When we went over he was fishing and caught a huge catfish, and he was scaling it and cutting off the meat and throwing the stuff he didn't want to the seagulls! He would throw it into the air and the seagulls would catch it mid air! I have to admit it was pretty entertaining!

Another thing we did was help a member shine his rims. I told him that I was good at it because I worked at a car wash before the mission; I may have mentioned that I know how to do it even though I know nothing about that! :p Hahah It was still fun and we shined his rims for awhile! They were super dirty! The next day we helped them move furniture because they are re-doing a room in the house! I am starting to love doing service and getting dirty!
That is all I can think of!
Love y'all!
See y'all soon!
Elder Andersen

But here is a joke for all y'all Spanish Speakers: mujer al volante, peligro constante!

***I don't know why but for some reason this will only post SIDEWAYS... probably because it is a Missionary holding a beer! HAHA! Hope you are enjoying the Letters! ~ Melissa

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