Monday, April 20, 2015

Letter #99

Hey Family!

This week was pretty dang fun! Sorry about not emailing yesterday; we were invited by a member to do some service work at his business. He owns a Fish Hatchery! And man, it was a blast working there! We did about 6 hours of service and he showed us a lot of different things. I got to drive a Bulldozer (that was fun, I would definitely like one of those. haha) I learned how to dig out a trench, and he let me weld some things together. I feel like we pretty much learned all the ropes to work in a Fish Hatchery! At the end of the service we gave, he told me that if I wanted to work for him during the summer he would happily let me live with him and work for them! So... that will have to be taken to thought!

Along with that story, the same family (their last name is Picard) invited us over on Sunday to have some craw-fish! They are originally from Mississippi and he knows how to make some dang good craw-fish! I will have to make it when I get home sometime! It was sooooo good and spicy! It was delicious! ( see the picture below) They are my favorite family here in Port Lavaca! I dont know if this is bad to say or not... But they made us change out of our white shirts because they knew we would get them dirty! ;p Hahah

While we visited the Picards' one night we were talking and the father said to me "Two more weeks huh?" and I looked at him and said "Yes!" and he told me when he went home from his mission and when he walked down the airport terminal that he knew his mission was over, then he said no matter how much you beg or ask President Monson, your mission is over! When I heard that, I kinda lost my breath and got super depressed! I don't want to go home, the mission is literally the best! So; mom, dad and family when I am depressed at home don't be to mad at me!

Another thing that happened this week is that we received training on how to teach English! That was a fun meeting to see all the other missionary's! :)

So this week we will have a baptism with Sam! I don't know if I told y'all about him but we meet him and he was super cool from the start! We asked him on Saturday if he wants to get baptized the following Sunday that comes up, and he is soooo excited! We just hope we can get him an interview and help him get baptized! :)

Love y'all!

 Elder Andersen

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