Monday, February 2, 2015

Letter #88

Hey Family!
Man a lot of things have happened this week! First, we had to go to the Mission Office today. We had to switch out our car for a brand spanking new one! They gave us a 2015 Chevy Cruze and OH MAN it is sweet! Haha! Too bad I will most likely be leaving next week. I think that was what President told me, but I guess we will see! However, it sure was a fun drive home! :)

This week we went to the Machuca's house (the genius guy) As always he had me "mind blown". It wasn't on Gospel this time, but he knew me pretty well. It was all from a simple test he asked me. He had me draw a tree, and then name three animals and why I like them. What he had to say about me was spot on! I was really surprised! He is super cool! They were looking at the family pictures I have and they said "If you dropped weight to what you were like in these picture you would look really good!" Haha. So now everyone is telling me to loose weight; but then they give me a bunch of food to eat! Haha.

Another thing that happened this week is that we got a phone number of someone that was "interested in the church". We realized quickly that all they wanted to do was "Bible Bash" with us! Long story short, we argued over texting for awhile, and we shut him down. Then he asked us what color Jesus was and I didn't want to answer him because I was tired of this guy already, so I asked him what he thought... and then he said well God created man (Adam) from the dust so he must be black from his descendants! I asked him why does he think that then he sent us Revelations 1:14-15.  When I read this I was thinking Wow, how bad can he interpret the scriptures!?! So, I sent him a text with my testimony then wrote that whenever he wanted to hear about the truth that he can text us back humbly and that we would be happy to show him answers to his sincere questions! Since the beginning of our text conversation I knew all he wanted to do was bash, so I answered his questions. Later I got bored with it and decided that all I can do to people that don't truly want to listen is to bear my testimony and stop talking to them. After we bore our testimony we haven't talked to him. He still tries to send us random scriptures and ask things but we aren't replying to him because he isn't worth our time if he is just going to continue to try to bash!

On a good note; this week we will have one baptism for sure, and we might have as many as four! I think I told y'all about The Guillens'.  I have been working with them since I got to this area! They have a baptismal date for this weekend! All they have to do is get married so we are going to work with them to help them out, and then get them baptized! Man, I love them so much! I really want to see them baptized before I leave the area!

This ward is starting to pick up since the new people came in. It is starting change and the members are willing to do things! We are starting to animate them and they are being really cool! We will see how they continue. It is sad to see that just when I leave everything is starting to fall into place! I have seen so much change so it is pretty cool! 

Thanks for all that y'all do! I love y'all so much!
Love, Elder Andersen

Here is a picture of The Molina Family! I am starting to take pictures with the families here! Haha! 

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