Monday, January 26, 2015

Letter #87

Hey family,

This week was pretty cool! I am starting to write down the things that happen during the week so I have stuff to say to y'all! The last couple of letters have been very short, and I have had nothing to write about, or I forgot what had happened in the week! So this week I came prepared! Well,  I was thinking of the things last night that had happened! I was able to think of some cool things to share!

One was that I lost my driving privileges like a month ago (for dumb reasons). So on Wednesday I spoke with the driving coordinator of the mission and he told me a bunch of things about what happened. There wasn't an accident it was dumb "TIWI" which Sharon can explain. (I got a lot of check your speed and aggressive driving) When they printed the report he said that they were all at 9:20 pm and later. So then he looked at me and asked "Man, do you get home on time!?" and I said "I get all the violations to get home on time!"  But he told me that other than those I have a perfect score on my driving. He said he would give me my privileges back but that Salt Lake said to take them away for the rest of my mission. (only 3 more months) So it's not too bad! It's crazy trying to get home on time because in my mind I have to knock that last door or talk to that last person! I don't care what time it is, but I always try to get the last one in!

So I had my Quarterly Interview with President Ashton. It was super good! The only thing that I did not like about it was that he didn't give me permission to go out to lunch with Matt when he is in town visiting his Distribution Center. He told me I will see my family soon enough! So that's why! Haha. He also told me a lot of things that I was having doubts with; like why am I still here? What do I have to do?  When he gave me those answers I was able to relax! As soon as I got into the Interview I asked him for a list of all the new people coming into the ward. I wanted to go visit them all. He said that no body has asked him that before in the whole Mission and he was really happy when I had asked! He also said that I have been an amazing missionary in this area and that I was there for a specific purpose. Then he said that when I am done here he will be sad when I leave the area because he knows I have helped this ward out, and the members all love me. Then he told me that I will have to leave the area because the Prophet has asked not to have missionaries in an area for more than 1 year! (Even though I will pass that date soon!) Haha. I got a lot of positive feedback from President Ashton and he really helped me out! Then he told me that I will be going to a bike area because I have gained too much weight, so we both agreed that will be good for me. :) Hahah!

Cool miracles with the Alverenga's! They now want to get married! We went over there on Thursday, and I made them chicken and they really loved that! It was a cool visit! At the bottom will be a picture of them :)
Thanks for every thing!
Elder Andersen

sorry the picture  is a little blurry!

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