Monday, February 16, 2015

Letter #90

Hey family!

I did get Mom's package, and I loved it! I am glad that y'all got my package! Now I am scared to come home because I bought a lot of shirts! Haha. I was worried that Mom would freak out at me!  I got a lot of them as memorabilia from Texas! I also bought a couple so mom can make a quilt for me later too! THEN there are just some that I thought were too cool, so I had to buy them! I think I have a suitcase full of things that I bought out here... Hahah!

And yeeeeaaa, a new trampoline for when I get home! I am excited. :)

So... to finally tell y'all, I was transferred  to Port Lavaca. It is the farthest away area in the mission! It is in the middle of nowhere, in like "the boonies!" Hahah! Luckily for me it is a bilingual area! I can still talk in Spanish, practically all the branch (of 30- people) speak Spanish! There are like 5 white people though so I can work on my English a little bit too! So it is really fun! The Elders get to translate every Sunday, which will be fun! I will post the new address at the very end of the letter!

My new companions' name is Elder Mckague. He is from Washington, and he is pretty cool. Luckily so far we get along just great! This area was pretty much dead when I got here so there will be a lot of building up this last TWO and a half months I have here! AAAAhhhhh!

We have already had  some cool miracles that happened this week in the area, so it is looking pretty promising with me being here.

Oh and Dad; Do you know a Claude Bassett? He attended B.Y.U and played football there in 79'. He said that you sounded familiar. He was actually coached by coach Frank Negri at Foothill. He was really excited to know and I guess meet me! If you have Negris' number you should call him and let him know who I ran into! That would be cool! 

Like I said before, thankfully I can practice Spanish with the members. I guess they normally try to speak English with all the missionaries here, but they all spoke to me in Spanish! I prefer Spanish more than English... which is weird! Hahah!

There isn't too much else I can think of to tell y'all!

But,I love all y'all!

Love, Elder Andersen

120 Haviland St. Apt. A
Port Lavaca, TX 77979

I took a bunch of pictures with everyone before I left! Here is the cutest little girl you will ever see! haha! Her name is Camilla Vega.

This is on transfers Day. I got to see a few missionary friends that I served with in the last area that were also being transferred. Hermana Heckel, myself, and Elder Rockhill. I was his companion for two weeks!

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