Monday, January 12, 2015

Letter #85

Hey Family,

This week was pretty cool! There was alot of changes, and alot of things to do! They canceld our Spanish Stake and divided the people all into English wards, so now our whole mission will be changed! It was just changed today! We have all new Districts and Zones! I have 4 companionship's in my District! Two sets of Elders so now I can go on exchanges again! haha! One of the Elders in the zone is Elder Moyes and I have known him since the beginning of my mission! He is super fun, so as you can tell I am excited!

Our ward got a little more area from other wards! We are giving some of our ward area to the Sisters in our District! They are going to receive a couple of our investigators, but its OK! I know they are good missionaries and they will take good care of them. 

I have not gotten a new companion. Transfers will be in 4 weeks! My companion is still Elder Balls from Logan Utah!

The new bishop is doing really good! He is trying a lot of new things and doing some really great work within the ward! The ward members don't really do much still. We ask for something, but they don't really do anything to help the work! 
The sister don't have to many problems; except a lot of bike problems that we get to fix! Haha! Other than that exciting news no to much else going on! 

So not to much happened this week, that i can think of... BUT I love y'all!

Elder Andersen

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