Monday, January 19, 2015

Letter #86

Hey Family,
Man, I can't believe that Omar is leaving for his mission! I can still remember when he got baptized! And... Dang I won't see him for practically 2 more years! He will for sure be a good missionary! I think his parents will soften their hearts too as he serves!

I have not seen a new picture of this "Alleged Bathroom!" I want to see what it looks like! I hope it looks good! You might as well  build an upstairs loft and put a theater room in too! Then we can watch BYU football games like champs!

I don't get to  hear much about any sports here, man do I miss that! However, I am learning that it is OK because the life in the mission is better! BTW how are the Sacramento Kings doing?!? HAHA! 

This week was pretty cool! We had Leadership Training yesterday and it was really nice. I personally love when we have training meetings with our Mission President; he is a genius! I love him so much! I actually have an interview with him! We have our Quarterly interviews as a Zone tomorrow! I am always excited to talk to him and ask him questions! I have some good questions I have been studying up on but can't find answers too! We will see how much he can help me out! 

This week I went on my FIRST exchange! It was super fun! I went with Elder Moyes! It was in an English area and after every lesson they asked me to pray. I prayed in English, and Oh My Goodness... I cant pray in English to save my life! Haha! The people told me I did a good job after, but I think they were just trying to make me feel good! I guess I should have asked them if I could pray in Spanish! Haha! It is OK! We saw a lot of miracles this week! One was an investigator wanted to quit smoking, so Elder Moyes gave him a blessing to help him stop, the blessing he gave really shocked me! Elder Moyes said "Whenever you smoke it will taste nasty to you, and every time you drink beer you will hate the taste." That blessing was really strong, I felt that the spirit was there!

Nothing else really happened now that I can think of, but it was a good week!

Love y'all!
Elder Andersen

Enjoy this pictures I took of our beautiful Texas sunrise!

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