Monday, July 7, 2014

Letter #58

Hey Family,
The Cano's were a little upset about the Columbia game. I am not to upset, I have to much on my mind to think about the World Cup right now! This week has been very hard and stressful! (more info coming up in the letter)It seems like y'all had fun with the Bird's, and also with the Ray's and Richardson's! I'm glad to see that y'all had a good 4th of July! On the way home driving in the car it was raining a little bit but we could see some fireworks in the air; which were pretty cool. We did not see many, but I am looking at how much time I have left and I am realizing that I have already missed TWO 4th of July Celebrations at home!! That is crazy! Another thing I thought about is that I only get to Skype with the family ONE more time before I come home! That is crazy too! Only because I come home like a week or 2 before Mother's Day!

This week has been pretty good. We are going to have at least 2 baptisms this week! Hopefully three, and one of the girl's gets baptized too! The Cano's are getting baptized on Saturday so that is the happy news of the week! Their daughter doesn't know if she wants to or not. She knows that it is true, but she went to Girls Camp and had a bad experience.  Now she doesn't want to get baptized! All we can do is tell her to pray and ask if she needs too! Her parents are already set to do it, so they are good; but we are praying hard so she can receive an answer! I just love them so much!

The sad news of the week is that the Aguilera Family (we have been working on for the last 6 months to get back active) don't want to come back because our ward does NOTHING!!!!! They walked out in the middle of church and went home because of what some members in our ward did! We asked the bishop for help with them, and then he brought us excuses why not to help them. That just made me upset. He doesn't help at all! The bishop seems like he does not want to do anything to help with anybody but himself! I am so embarrassed to be in this ward at times, there is not much support and we feel like they don't care about anyone but themselves!!!! Sorry... since I got that off my chest I feel better!! ahah My time in this ward has been very challenging because the members aren't willing to do help us out either! We are trying so hard, but they won't budge! The only ones that are nice to the investigators is a couple of the family's. The rest of them have like there own groups or cliques and they just don't go outside of their groups/cliques!

Something I have been praying for is Patience... and it is getting TRIED a lot in this ward! ahahha. I know that God will come up with some way to help us out!

To end my letter I have included a picture, it was take at the Aguilera's. They painted out faces for the Columbia game! (Don't worry we did not watch it, and we washed our faces right after the picture...) I have a number 3 on one side and a Columbia flag on the other! Hope you like it!
Love y'all!
Elder Andersen

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