Monday, July 21, 2014

Letter #60

Hey Family,
So as I was emailing y'all this random Indian guy came up and gave me a paper that said I should attend his Bible Study Class. It was really weird! I looked over to my companion and he just laughed. My new companion is Elder Jarvis. He is from Orem Utah! He has been on his mission for about 1 and a half years. (Just a little more than me.) He was supposed to go to Brazil, but then he received a letter from President Monson telling him that he is getting reassigned here for his mission, and speaking Spanish. He was serving about 6 months in English waiting for his visa and then got reassigned here and now is speaking Spanish! That is the background story I have from him! He is pretty cool, he is really good at playing the drums. He attended BYU- Idaho (same time as I was there) and was in the jazz band. He played the drums at a members house, and I have to admit he is super good! He is also very smart in the gospel! It is crazy, I thought I knew a lot about the Gospel, but after listening to this guy I am starting to think to myself... "Man I need to study more!" Haha He has been teaching me a lot of things. I have had questions about a lot of things I have been studying lately. I have been learning about miracles, the Atonement and what revelations mean! There is a sweet talk, (I don't remember the name) but it breaks down what will happen for the second coming and what revelations mean, IT IS CRAZY!!!!!!!

This week has been really good. The Lord has blessed us with a lot of miracles and lessons. We had 28 lessons I believe! It is really nice being here, this area is growing a lot.  We have decided to work with the members more and have them help us out. Oh, President called us Tuesday night to let me know that I am the new District Leader. That is a little scary to be a D.L.! I know the Lord will provide! I plan on teaching how to work with members, and how it is more effective than with our own efforts. I have been praying a lot and I know this is what the Lord wants! One thing that the President has asked us to do is to pray for at least 15 min every day. That has been helping me a lot! I feel the guidance of the spirit, and I can really feel the presence of God and his love! My Testimony has grown so much this last week, how this is God's work. He wants us all to do it! Not just the missionaries, not just the leaders but like as prophets have said "Every member a Missionary!" It is TRUE! 
My Challenge to y'all this week is to pray for someone to share the gospel with. The Lord will provide and put that person in your way!

I love y'all and here is a funny picture for the week! Man Hispanics crack me up! :p
Love, Elder Andersen

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