Monday, June 2, 2014

Letter # 53

Hey Family,
Yes, Mom was able to send me a short letter this week. It is fine, I can understand she is with family and is very busy! :p haha. I also look at my mission and I think that I have been here forever, but then I look at it another time and I am thinking that I have barely been here at all! Sometimes I feel like I am brand new! haha. 

I wish I was able to go to the temple more often. It is just so nice to go there, hopefully when I get home I can go all the time! haha

I love the smell of lavender, I used to always get that Laundry Soap Smell, but Elder Larson loves the smell of Tide, so we get that now. (It smells better anyway :p) (My dad said he saw some Lavender Flowers at the Temple) 

This week was awesome!!!!!!!!!!! First off, I was able to finish reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish!! It is crazy because at the beginning I could not understand anything I was reading. All the missionaries told me the promise from the Prophet that if you read it all the way through that you will become fluent! Since Alma on I can pretty much understand everything! The last books there were very few words that I did not know. It is sweet to see that the prophets are serious when they talk about things like this! It is actually kinda funny, but I think this is the first time I have actually read the whole Book of Mormon in a year. The other times I remember getting to like to Alma and then stopping and then finishing the next year or just reading the chapter headings near the end! It was a testimony builder to know the truthfulness of the book again! The Book Of Mormon is the best book ever! I suggest it to everyone! 

Another cool thing was that I was able to give my recent convert the Priesthood. The Bishop gave him the opportunity to chose who he would like to confer the Priesthood upon him. He choose me to do it! I was honored and it was a very spiritual experience! He is progressing so fast, he always wants to leave and do visits with us. He is going to be a super solid member. One sad thing is that when they are able to get sealed I think it will be about 3 weeks after I get home. So... Dad I will have to fly back here to come and witness it!!! We baptized the Mother and Father of the family, so now we are working on the children. They have a 22 year old daughter, a 20 year old Atheist son, a 16 year old son, and another daughter that is 6 years old and she LOVES the church! She forces the parents to go sometimes! :) haha. Helping people find the true gospel is the coolest thing ever! It really is cool to see the changes and the happiness this gospel brings.

We have another investigator family named the Guillen's. They are super cool; on Thursday they came and played basketball with us at the church! We are working very hard to get them married and baptized. The mother really wants to do it, but the father is always busy at work and has like no time. They are sweet and we believe it will happen soon.

We also had this meeting its called "Capatacion" that is it in Spanish (I don't know it in English) It is were we taught the members all the lessons, so then when they come out with us they know what the lessons are and they can help us. (Instead of going off topic all the time!) That was really cool, they all loved that! 

Nothing else that I can think of to report. Next week there will be pictures because I forgot my camera in the car today!
Love y'all
Elder Andersen!~

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