Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Letter #52

Hey Family,
Crystal Never sent me a message!!!(My Dad told him in his letter that Crystal and Kevin are now Engaged, and that Crystal would email him about the details.) Houston is not nice these last couple days. On Sunday it was hot and very humid, and yesterday we had a huge, bad rainstorm; every thing was flooded! Today it is raining too! The weather here is really  Bi-Polar! It is not even funny; it will be so hot one day the next day it is cold and raining, then the next day hot, then hot rain... it is so unpredictable! hahaha

OH and before I forget; Did y'all get the package that I sent yet?!?! The "Don't mess with Texas" shirt is for Mom for Mothers Day. (Sorry it is late) The beanie is for Sharon, and I have a bunch of other stuff in there. Dad you can wear the jackets if you want. I really love that Texans one because it is super soft and warm. :) Hopefully y'all got it cause Aleni told me that it had already gotten there!

This week was pretty fun! We had a birthday party for Hermana Cervantes. (see picture below) She is like another mom; In fact I call her mom now. She always feeds us when we go over for a visit! She always calls us her sons so we are definitely loved here! I recorded a funny video. Apparently in the Hispanic Culture its a necessity to put the cake in the persons face. They asked us if the "Gringos" do this and I told them "No way, the white people enjoy their cakes. They do not shove it in each other's mouths!" I got the whole thing on video, when you get it Dad you will have to translate it because of course it is all in Spanish. It was so funny. And tradition to them is after the birthday person gets cake in there face then they kiss everyone in the family to get it on their face too! It's a pretty weird tradition. I am glad that I am a missionary and they can't touch me! ahah 

This week wasn't really full of anything new. The one thing that I can think of is that we had a wonderful Ward Conference. All the Stake Presidency and their families came and it was wonderful. They talked a lot about missionary work and I was going the whole church like man this is what this ward NEEDS! They talked about how it is not the missionaries fault if we are not teaching anyone, it is the members! The members need to invite the missionaries over with their friends, and that is the most effective ways to get people into the church! If we call our friends and invite them to a family home evening and then invite the missionaries then that is when we will have the most success! That is how God has been telling us to do it, and I really  hope it clicked in all of their heads. There are some families that are willing to do anything for the missionaries, and invite friends but most don't do anything. Everyone likes lessons from us, but they are all scared of talking to their friends  and inviting.

Another cool thing is that we found out why the blacks didn't have the priesthood for while. One of our Investigators asked us about that, and so my companion and I  had a study about it. I knew that God always does things in his own time, and I thought that was just how it was. That was not a good enough answer for our investigator, so we studied it. We found in Abraham where they talks about the Descendants of Ham. And that they would not have the priesthood and we put the connection cause his wife, Egyptus (who is a Descendant of Cain (hence black skin)) So that is why. They were all cursed that they could not receive it yet. We can also see in Acts 11 that the Gentiles were banded from Repentance so there are occasions where we are banned from things, but the Prophecy that all things will be restored to its perfect order is coming to pass. The Blacks got the Priesthood, and we are still getting new and better things in the church. I love the Scriptures and all it teaches us. I know that God has order and he does everything in his time. Another thing is that the Second Coming is coming up fast! (not within the next couple years) But it will still be awhile, but we get all these stories from the Prophets be ready for persecution, and we need to be prepared for all that is coming. 
Not anything else that I can think of to tell you.
I love y'all!
Love, Elder Andersen

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