Monday, June 23, 2014

Letter #56

Hey Family!
Dad, I know what you are saying about your back! When I was "on bike" I would roll out of my bed to do my prayers and it was so hard to get up after! What I was able to do was go to the 1st Counselor of the Mission, (he is a massage therapist) He gives all missionaries free massages. We get the shock machine, and then at the end he cracks all the muscles in your back and neck, and after that I would feel soooooo good! I have never felt any better in my life! The rest of the month I felt amazing, and I had so much energy too! Maybe that could be it too, but if the cranberry juice helps you too then that is good! :p Haha I use the word Chevere every once in awhile. Only for the people that are not Mexican! All countries except mexico uses Chevere. They use Padre like "oh que padre". Meaning like "Man that is cool!"  It is crazy that every country has their own way of saying different words. As missionaries we learn the slang from all the countries and everyone corrects us if we use the wrong slang to the wrong country! haha For example; all Mexicans say mande for "what?" Or "What did you say?" However, Columbia's say  "si senor, or si senora." Then Peru just says "que." So it is sometimes hard to get it all correct. :p haha

This week was pretty cool! I can't really remember what happened to much. Some of the highlights is that my companion get his ingrown toe nail cut out. We had some really good lessons, and the Cano's feed us empanadas (so good). To start of I wanted to talk about a wonderful lesson that we taught to the Guillen Family. We taught about the Plan of Salvation and talked about the whole lesson with a daughter that has Cystic Fibrous (and illness that can not be cured.) We were teaching the daughter and the Mom and we talked about where we go after we die.  Then we talked about how we will be resurrected and have Perfect Bodies. The look on the little girls face (her name is Melanie) was amazing. She looked at us and smiled so big. I looked at the Mom and she just dropped her head and started to cry. After that, we felt the spirit so strong. Then we just testified that God created this plan for our happiness and really he loves us and wants the best for us. As we left the house they were just so much happier, and it was amazing to see them change from one sentence we shared with them. We can see so much more hope, I just love all the lessons we teach because they really are from love from our Heavenly Father!

Then dinner with the Cano's: we were invited on Friday to go to their house to eat dinner with them. We showed up and a couple minutes late and another member from the church showed up too. (He is Colombian too), so they just kinda had a huge party with our investigator and some church members! It was sweet, they had SUPER good empanandas (with steak in the middle) Man they were the best ones I have ever had! I told Sister Cano that she was going to have to teach me how to make them. I told her I wanted to be able to make it for my Dad when I get home. Then I can help him remember his mission a little bit! haha  After eating we had a good lesson about obedience. Then we all went to church on Sunday, they are super sweet!!! All they need to do is give up coffee and they will be golden! We think that will be easy for them to do :)

I love y'all and remember that the church is true! 
Love y'all, 
Elder Preston Andersen 

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