Monday, June 16, 2014

Letter #55

Hey Family,
Seems like you had a good week and a good Father's Day Dad! I have been slackin' and just sent your present. The other part of the present is the shirt that mom gave you that didn't fit her. I sent the same one in mom's size home in the package. I also send one for Sharon, and then another surprise for you for Father's Day! :)

This Sunday for Father's Day the Primary children sang, and gave everyone chocolate. I was lucky enough because the Primary children  love me and gave me some chocolate too! I was pretty happy, but it was hard because we were fasting! (This is the 3rd week in a row that we have fasted. First week was Fast Sunday, the second week was for an investigator, and then the third was a mission wide fast!) Like always, it was a good experience!

To top off the week the Cano's went to church! They LOVED it, this is one of the very few families who we teach and they come the first week to church. Normally it takes awhile to warm up but they went in with all heart! The daughter wants to go to Girls Camp with the Young Women, and she wants to come every week for Mutual!, The father loved it too, the Mom only came for the last hour because she had to work. We will work with her so she can come the whole time soon. It was funny because after church we were all talking and then the other Colombians in the Ward were just chatting it up! One of the families in the Ward makes fun of me because I told them that I am rooting for Columbia in the World Cup. They asked me why and so I told them that I am part Colombian. (Because my Dad is from there... well he served his mission there... haha) So I tell them all that I am part Colombian and that they are going to win. The funniest part is Columbia did win their game 3 to 0! So we were all joking about that and we had a blast at the church. I know that the Cano's are a big blessing to us, and they will be baptized really soon! They are sooooo cool. We visit them 6 of the 7 days of the week usually. They just love all we teach them about and they accept it all and know that its true! It is a big blessing to have them and teach them.

One of the things I miss right now is being able to watch The World Cup! I realized that I can just any Hispanic person and they can tell me who is playing when and who won. We always do that and it's awesome how we can talk to random people and have something in common; that we like soccer. On the other side, some people don't answer the door because their team is playing! So having the World Cup going on has it's ups and downs! Hahah!

I know this church is true. I know this is the work of the Lord, we are all missionaries, and it is really easy to share the gospel! All we have to do is be an example, and show people the way to go! I love y'all and I pray for y'all always!
Love, Elder Andersen

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