Monday, May 5, 2014

Letter #49

Hey Family, 
Sorry I am late in replying. We went bowling this p-day so our e-mailing was pushed back! Oh, and Dad I found out the word for bowling in Spanish it is boliche
The only one that remembered about the Mother's Day call was Sharon! ahah. I'm surprised, we don't know who's house we will be at, or when it will be because we have a baptism that day too. We are not sure, but we will have a member call y'all to tell y'all what is going on. If they speak Spanish, I will tell them to call Dad's phone. I'll probably have Aleni who speaks perfect English call so it might be on Dad's, Mom's or the home phone; so heads up for a call for that information!

This week was really cool, we saw a bunch of miracles and saw a bunch of progression in our investigators. Raymundo (the guy that is getting baptized this week) cut off his finger on a lawn mower and was rushed to the hospital. We went to visit him and gave him a blessing. We have seen him practically every day and have been teaching him too. Even with the cast on, he wants to get baptized! There is nothing stopping him from getting baptized. He told us that he owes so much to God, and the least he can do is get baptized even through all of these hard times are happening. Elder Larson and I thought we might have lost him as an investigator; but it just made him so much stronger. 
I have read so much of the book I spoke about before; The Miracle of Forgiveness. It is such an awesome book! I do suggest it strongly! It really has help me think about many things I am doing wrong.

I knew that Rowan meet y'all there; but I didn't know what she said! That's funny! haha

 I am so happy that Carly called off the wedding! Ben is not for her, she deserves a lot better than him.

I love going to baptisms! We just went to one the other day, the spirit was so strong and a lot of people were crying and it changes lives! It's like the coolest thing ever!

I don't know what to say to y'all cause I'm going to skype with y'all this Sunday! It all goes by so fast! I can't believe it! After this, we will skype on Christmas and then I will be home before the next one! Can y'all believe it?!?! haha It's crazy -- in exactly a year, I will be home! 
See y'all on Sunday. Love ya!

P.S. I am trying to get a package to y'all, but I'm not sure if I can! I will try though!

Love, Elder Andersen 

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