Monday, May 19, 2014

Letter #51

Hey family,
This week was very good! Another very stressful baptism, but I will talk about that a little later in my letter.The highlight's of this week were being able to go to the Temple, and of course the baptism. I totally forgot to tell y'all that I was going to the Temple in my last letter! It was the best experience of my life! DEFINITELY a life changer, and quite possibly the most spiritual experience I have ever had in my life.

Temple Trip:
The only bad thing about the Temple trip was we woke up at 3:30 a.m. to go. We had to be at the 6:30 a.m. session. (just remember that we normally wake up at 6:30!) So we are going through the session at 6:30 and President told us a couple of questions to think about during the session. The only appropriate one to tell is: What is our true character?
So the whole session I was thinking: What am I, or Who am I and what is my purpose in this life? I couldn't really think because I was trying to pay attention to the things going on in the session. At the end our President and the Temple President took us into a room, and they gave us a huge lecture about Who we are. I learned we are all the same no matter if we are missionaries, or just regular people. Our purpose is to bring other people to Christ and have them make covenants with him and God. Our President told us that Temple work and the Restoring of keys are as true as he was standing at the pulpit while we were sitting there listening to him. Then the Temple President spoke to us little bit about the second coming. He shared with us that Jesus wants to come, but we are not ready for him to come. It was then that the spirit hit me, Get Prepared and Help Others!! Our Purpose is to invite all people to do better, and to be ready for that day when Jesus comes again. Since then I have changed so much! I don't waste a second on my mission! This last year will be so precious to me helping all I can to Come unto Christ and be able to live with him and their family one day! Honestly, I think I have felt the spirit more this week then I have felt in my whole life. It is because I am being more diligent and more obedient. Don't forget our purpose, it is very important.

So now onto the Baptism: 
So we called the Zone Leaders and they told us that the Building will be all ready for the Baptism. We headed over and made sure to be there an hour early! So we found the front door unlocked like they said, but the doors to enter the baptismal font were locked. We had to hop into the font to fill it up, but we still needed the keys to open the doors to do the baptism. We started calling people asking for keys, and then we found out that nobody was answering the call. We called a bunch of people and still nobody. Finally, people started showing up for the service but we could not start without the doors open. We had to wait 30 minutes to start the baptism. It was sooooo frustrating that we had to wait for people to get a baptism! The sad thing is we have to go to other buildings because our building does not have a font. That makes it had to coordinate with everyone about when we can do things. I am glad we had it, and after the doors were open everything was smooth. (picture below is the dad baptizing the girl) We really helped them out so much for this day. One of the other best days of the week.

I don't have too much more time, but I love y'all so much! I pray for y'all! Don't forget to do y'all scripture study. I realized how important it is to read and pray to have the spirit with us. IT IS IMPORTANT! 
Love y'all
Elder Andersen! 

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