Monday, May 12, 2014

Letter #50

Hey family,
It was awesome to talk to y'all yesterday! I loved it! I am sad that our Mission President only gave us 40 minutes, but I know that if I am obedient I will receive more blessing. It was sad that I didn't have some people from the family on Skype, but the next time we do this I expect every one to be there!! :p haha 

So as y'all know we had a baptism. It was soooooooo nerve racking and disappointing, but it turned out good from the grace of God! ahah. Let me point out all the crazy things that happened.
Our Ward Mission Leader (which is pretty much less active) did not show up until 10 minutes after the baptism started! He was the person in charge. Then the Bishop and the person getting baptized didn't show up until 5:00 which was when we should have started. The first people that came to support was a family from another ward that Elder Larson invited. When they got there before anyone else showed up they were like were is everyone?!?! So we went on anyways and we didn't have anyone to play the piano. The first song nobody knew, so it was a horrible first song; then the speakers didn't even really know they were going to speak so they kinda went of on a whim. When it was finally time for the baptism, I baptized Raymundo. He had his thing over his arm cause he had cut off his finger. It was full of air, so it didn't go under the water on our first attempt. We had to do it again, then he lifted his arm up the second time, but the third time the a charm, Baptized!!!! It was funny, because everyone came up to me after making fun of me like man are you weak or something!?! I personally thought it was hilarious, the funniest joke I heard was what his wife said (She was baptized a month ago) "You needed to get baptized 3 times because you had so many sins!" When I heard that, I laughed so hard; luckily he thought it was funny too! ahah. It was crazy, but a fun and very spiritual experience too!

It was a pretty good day, we also taught a less active single woman living with this other guy! We taught her about forgiveness and watched a video. It was very powerful and it always touches me and helps me out!

Other than that it has been a pretty good week! We have another baptism this week so I am excited about that too! Hopefully this one will be good too! :) ahah 
I love all y'all! Thanks for everything y'all do for me!
Love, Elder Andersen

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