Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Letter # 44

Hey Family,
So this week was super cool! We had 19 lessons again! We had 2 lessons cancel on us yesterday, or we would have broken the "20 lesson barrier!" That is the standard of excellence, and it is the goal for the missionaries to have every week! I feel that next week we will break it because Elder Cassiano and I are going to work our butts off! Yes, he is the one from Guatemala and he is going home next Tuesday! (a week before Sharon!!!!) It is crazy how much he does not want to go home! He wants to stay and serve for all his life! I want him to do that too, but his family misses him to much! He has been on the mission for about 24 months and 3 weeks! Crazy right!!

Sadly, my bike has no brakes now! I will have to fix that this week, so my winning streak with the bike has come to an end! Luckily it wont be that expensive! I am just going broke here on the mission, but it is OK because the blessing are more important and I will have to rule out bankruptcy! :p

I can not believe Sharon comes home so fast!!! I remember the day we got sushi when she left! That is crazy!!!! I bet all y'all are so excited! Just wait in a little over a year I am going to come home and that is going to come up sooooo fast too!!!!

So this week has been very hot, and then one day out of NOWHERE came a thunder storm and a rainstorm! The mission President told us to go inside. We did but we were really far from our apartment, so we rode all the way home in the POURING rain! The attached picture is to show how bad it was! My tie and my planner were soaked! I was able to wring out so much water from my pants and my shirt when we got home! Man that was the nicest warm shower I ever had after that experience! The rain was cold! It was pretty funny! That was a good night, we had about 4 lessons that day besides all that went on!

This week we will have 2 baptisms, I am so excited! We have been working with Paula for about 2 months, and she finally decided that for sure she will be getting baptized! We had a wonderful Family Home Evening with them and we taught Paula and her husband about temples and how we can be Sealed! I felt like I needed to share about an experience from the Sacramento Temple. I told them about how the Temple President saw a light on, when he was about to go and turn it off the prophet called him and told him that Jesus was in there and not to worry about it. After I told that story everyone was silent. The spirit was so strong, and it was one of the coolest experience's ever! The husband told us that he will get baptized in 3 weeks. The other guy getting baptized this week is Nicolas. He was a miracle find, a referral from the Elders. We found him last Sunday, he is getting baptized this week. He is what most would call a golden investigator! The DL told us after his interview that he had a cool experience talking with him. He told him how lucky he is that we found him, and how excited to get baptized he is! Man I am going to LOVE this week!

That is all! I will have baptism pictures next week for y'all to see! No se precupen :)
Love ya, 
Elder Andersen

SOAKING WET just got home...
Hermana Allen & Elder Andersen

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