Monday, April 21, 2014

Letter # 47

Hey Family!
Well first things first... Feliz dia de Pascau! (Dad you can translate that!) Haha. This Easter was really cool and very spiritual! Church was awesome,  we had our area's combined. We had 6 at church which is not bad at all! haha. The lessons given were super sweet and the spirit was so strong.

This week was amazing, we taught 29 lessons this week! I have to admit it is so much easier with a car! It also helped that we had 3 missionaries, because then we can get into any house and teach a lesson! We taught a lot about Easter, and we shared a lot about the Atonement as well. (Alma 7: 11-15) It really just hit home that Christ loves us and he is willing to do anything for us! I am so grateful for his example that he gave us! I know that he felt every pain, affliction, and every thing that we have ever gone through. He is there every step of the way, and it is wonderful to know that he will always be by our side! 

This week we found a new lady to teach. Her name is Lydia Burns, and she is the Grandmother of a member family. Her grandson is currently serving a mission in Mexico. She is from Panama. She loves having us over and teaching her lesson. Before every lesson she tells us how Catholic she is, but that she really loves our lessons. Her son (the one that is a member) and all of his family was at her house when we visited her on Easter. We shared a super powerful lesson to them, we taught about the Atonement and the mom was bawling. Then she told us how much our family misses us when we are out on missions. So I guess now I know how y'all fell sometimes! :)

Yesterday we had a Easter egg hunt, after that the missionaries decided to get a little soccer game going. We played with all the kids before and after the hunt. My camera was in my pocket, and at the end of the games I tried to use it, and the screen was cracked. So it would only half work... Soooo I leaned my lesson to not leave things in pockets while playing sports! I bought a new one for $79.00. It is a Sony DSC-W730 so hopefully I got a good deal on it! haha. It is nice from what I have used!  

It is cool to hear that Sharon is back! It feels like just yesterday we all had sushi to say goodbye to her! I am out of time!
I love y'all so much!
Love, Elder Andersen

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