Monday, April 14, 2014

Letter #46

Hey family,
So, I am sad and happy that Sharon is "coming home" because I know how she feels right now. The mission is the BEST, but then there is a time to go home, and it is her time to go! Tell Sharon I can send my Spanish
stuff home so she can learn it to be able to go out with the Sister's in the ward! Haha. I actually have a bunch of Spanish things that I don't use and I am ready to send it if she needs it! aahhhhh.

The deck looks super sweet! It looks a lot better than I could have ever done if you wanted me to do it! Putting that little bench and planter box was a sweet idea! I bet mom is super happy about all of that! haha.

This week seemed different for us. It is mainly because my companion went home and EVERYONE asked where he was! ahah I was annoyed by the end of the day getting asked "Donde esta Elder Cassiano?" I was like he said
he was leaving in his last talk... did you listen?!?! ahah So, now I am with the other set of elders in the district, and we have so much fun!!! We got a lot of work done! In face we got 20 lessons taught this week (Even though we wasted a couple of days dropping Elder Cassiano off at the airport, and getting a car. It has just been crazy, but we worked our butts off to get those 20 lessons! We hope President will just keep it like this so we can do better! :)

I normally don't read the lesson for Church on Sunday either. It always comes down to the last minute and the missionaries have to talk or teach a lesson in church. This ward is so un-prepared, and our Ward Mission Leader is not doing a good job! Sometimes I just don't like this ward that much. I guess when I pray for patience everything falls apart! :P haha jk. I am trying really hard to help get this ward functional! We have a lot of cool members, and also a lot of weird ones! haha. We are getting work done though! :)

I miss baseball so much!!!!!!! Oh, and by the way I broke one of the
gloves. It is the old one, the stitching ripped, so I will take it in and get it re-stitched! That is one of the first things I am going to do when I get home... watch a Rivercats game! Crazy that the first baseman played when we watched the A's game!

The news for the week is I am going to by a new suit!!!! There is
a grand opening at a store here and they are selling suits for like $75.00! I wanted to jump on this deal for sure! One of the other companions and I want new suits so we are going to do it! :) haha!

I love y'all!
Elder Andersen

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