Monday, April 7, 2014

Letter # 45

Hey family,
To answer all the questions from your e-mail before I forget :p
General Conference was really good! And I agree praying for answers really works! I really learned a lot during the last one in October. This one i didn't come with to many questions, but the ones I had were answered. It is just so cool how our Heavenly Father loves us so much that he answers our personal questions through his servants; the prophet and his counselors! It is sweet! Thanks for giving the address to Maijai! I hope I get a letter soon! Adele said she sent me a letter, but I still haven't gotten it yet, so hopefully I will get it soon! :) I will get a Thank You letter to Brad and Julie. Would you be able to mail me a family directory? I would like to know all the addresses of the cousins and Uncles & Aunts too so I can send them stuff too! And can you let me know which ones served Spanish Missions, or at least what ones  know Spanish so I can write the letters to them in Spanish! (don't worry dad I will start sending y'all more letters in Spanish. I recently found out that we can write letters in Spanish for our Spanish Study time!) Man, I am so out of the loop with sports! I don't know anything that is going on!! I have members tell me what going on so I can stay somewhat in the loop! haha. I read most of the scriptures you leave me at the end of your letters. :) They are always super good! This last one you are sent, I KNOW this one. We shared it as lessons to all members on Friday to get them excited for the upcoming General Conference! ahah 

General Conference was super sweet! My favorite talks were given by President Holland (I do not think there has ever been a talk that he has given that I do not like) And I liked Elder Nelson's talk too!!! So good!
This week we had two baptisms! You can see the attached photo! On the left is Paula Ola and she is from Guatemala. The guy on the right is Nicolas Rosadio and he is from Peru. I was able to baptize Nicolas. Man, it was the coolest thing ever. I think it is coolest to see the changes from all the people!

We  also went to the Temple this week. I saw the newer video! It is sooo sweet! And you definitely don't fall asleep anymore! haah. It is crazy because I have a different perspective about everything as a missionary! It is a little weird, but I think so much differently! I love it though :) I don't have much time left ... Sorry! Love all y'all!!
Love, Elder Andersen
Elder C, Paula Ola, Nicolas Rosadio, Elder A

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