Monday, March 24, 2014

Letter # 43

Hey family ~
So good news, I did not go 4 weeks in a row breaking my bike!!! That is so nice not having to worry about it! Hopefully it can stay like this for the rest of my mission! NO MORE BIKE PROBLEMS!!

This week we had a wonderful time! We taught 19 lessons (best in the last 35 weeks) and we also got 3 new baptism dates!! All of them are super cool and I know they are getting baptized! We had some cool miracles! On Thursday we took a member out with us and we went to go visit on a referral that we received from the English Elders. We knocked and this women from Peru answered the door. She was excited we were there and wanted to talk to us. The member talked to her also and we found out that they knew each other about 2 years ago from church. The women and her brother went to church many times and then had to go to Peru to take care of some important things. They came back a couple of months ago and we found them!! The brother accepted a baptism date for 2 weeks away and he will definitely be ready! The sister is super prepared, but she has some doubts about the polygamy and some others church history. We resolved most of them, and she loves when we come over. She also told us that she loves the Book of Mormon! They are super solid, and super nice. We have another baptism set up pretty soon so I am excited to see the Lord's hand in this work!

We are planning on going bowling this week, so we aren't trying to take to much time online. Other than the miracles I have seen this week, it has been pretty good.:) We had interviews with the Mission President and those are always super cool! I have a question for y'all. Would y'all happen to know about the Pre-Adamites?!?!? I heard some things about them from my Mission President and my mind was blown! Then I thought about cavemen, and then I was thinking like... I just don't know! Hopefully y'all will know something about that to help me out. :) I have other doctrine questions that go more into detail but I want to know y'all's opinions on this one first!
Love y'all,
Elder Preston Andersen
This is a picture that a Member took of Preston. 
That is his companion teaching a lesson in the back... 
Preston thought we would get a good laugh out of this picture!!

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