Monday, March 3, 2014

Letter #40

Dear Family,
Sadly, no I didn't get my package on Saturday. Hopefully I will get it today! :) Mom gave me the spoiler alert so I know what it is and I LOVE it!!!! I was so cold last night, so now I will be nice and warm tonight! :) hahaha We didn't do to much on my birthday, just a normal missionary day! We went to Arby's for lunch and then biked in the freezing rain! That day it was a little chilly so I put on a windbreaker. My companion had just a jacket on and when it started to rain he took of his jacket because it is not supposed to be wet I guess. So he rode in freeing rain, I don't know how he survived because I was super cold with a jacket on! He just had on a short sleeve white shirt and a tie! Those Crazy Guatemalans!!! 

And yeah, those Eagle Scout letter are pretty annoying! I just remembered that I still haven't had my Court of Honor! Does that mean I am still not an Eagle!?!!? hahah :p

On Monday when we went out proselyting  we rode our bikes to our appointment and as I was riding my gear somehow got caught in the spokes and bent the whole gear, and everything in the back. I took it into the bike shop the next day and it was supposed to be like $220.00 to fix it!! Since I am a missionary (and then I "Jewed them down a little" more I only ended up paying $158.00 to fix it all.  I went a little more expensive on the rims and got a double layered one.  The guy in the store told me it will need a lot of force to bend this rim and spokes so he said I should be fine for the rest of my mission with it. So I thought I might go expensive this once and not pay like $100.00 bucks every 6 months! So that is how our first couple days went! haha Good thing I am getting my taxes back so my taxes payed for the bike fix! :)

So yesterday as we went to church it was pretty warm, so I wore my shirt sleeve shirt to church under my jacket. On the way home it was the same temp.  and then as we left the house to go out and work I kept the shirt on because it was warm and I didn't think anything of it. When we went to our first house we were sweating because it was a little warmer. We ate food, and shared a lesson and it was an hour tops so when we came out and it was just a little chilly. So we didn't think anything of it and we went to another members house. We were there for an hour and a half helping them with empenadas (btw I have the recipe and I will make a bunch when I get home, they are sooooo good!!) When we left that house it was freezing and drizzling!!!! We rode as fast as we could to our investigators house and she didn't want us to be in the cold so she made us go in her house and we were there about an hour. It was time to go home, and as soon as we stepped our foot out the door you could feel this strong freezing wind!!!!! It was lightly raining and that was freezing too! I would have to guess it was about 35 degrees but with the humidity and the wind in your face it felt like 20!! So we were about 4 miles away from our apartment and the wind was going against us! It was sooo hard! Every mile and a half we stopped at a gas station and stayed inside for about 20 minutes to warm up. And then we would travel another mile and a half and hit up the next one. I thought I was going to get frostbite it was so cold!!!! I so regretted not wearing a sweater that day!!!

This week has been pretty crazy! I love the mission more and more everyday... I don't know if you guys will hate me for saying this, but sometimes I want to be here for the rest of my life! :p haha, One day I will be home so don't worry :p
Love y'all and thanks to all for the birthday wishes!!!
Love, Elder Andersen!
and Melissa say thanks for the birthday wishes on FB :)

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