Monday, March 17, 2014

Letter #42

Hey family,
Yes, I am wearing green, and it is a good thing I am not wearing red :) (My Dad's letter mentioned to wear green for St. Patricks day so he did not get pinched and then he said wearing Red meant you wanted to be kissed when he was a kid.)  Before I forget to say it; Yes I have got my package! I loved it! The blanket works our perfectly! :p haha. I made the cake and ate the beef jerky already! That beef jerky was super good! In the next package you send you should get the green kind of that same brand. One of my old companions got it, and it was like some kind of lime and it was sooooo gooood!! Oh, and the craisins and chocolate covered acacia berries are always good! :) Thanks for those too. :)

Man, the banks are so crazy lately!!!! They won't even allow you to deposit something? They need to take a chill pill! I am not able to access my account anymore. I used to be able to, but not anymore. I think it is still going on but I am not sure. Too bad Crystal is not working at Wells Fargo anymore. I use my debit card about 10 times a month  because we use the MSF cards for groceries. So only if I run out of money or have to fix a bike. AND SPEAKING about bikes, my front tire ripped and I had to get a new one! Luckily for me one of the rich members paid for it. I had seen the rip, so we went back to the apartment and walked to the closest members house. When we got there he asked us "Where are your bikes?!" I said "Well my bike is broken again!" He told me to bring it to him tomorrow morning  and he will get it fixed for me! So I was blessed and $50.00 didn't have to come out of my pocket! I just hope that nothing else happens to my bike and I can end this horrible streak of bike problems!!! haha

I cant believe how many people are going home so soon! That is crazy! Please tell President Larson I am excited for him to set release me when I get home! I would have rather had you dad, but he is a good second! :) haha

So not much else has happened this week. I guess the highlight of the week was my massage!!! The 2nd Counselor of the Mission Presidency is a Massage Therapist. He does missionaries for free! I got the shock treatment, and a massage. He cracked my whole back!!! I have never felt so good in my life! He cracked me in places I never thought could have been cracked! When I come back to visit the mission I am definitely going to visit him because he is a walk-in clinic and he charges $20.00 for a treatment. Man was it heavenly!! I am very thankful to get that because my back has been bothering me since the last transfer. Being in a biking area is the worst! ahah

This week was very boring, so there wasn't that much going on. Hopefully next week I will have something cool to tell y'all! I love y'all!

Love, Elder Andersen 

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