Monday, February 24, 2014

Letter #39

Hey family!
Dad, to answer your questions before i forget :p I didn't know Sacramento had the nickname of Camellia City, (funny thing is when I asked the other missionaries, I said it like it was Spanish and they were like whaaa?!?! And they still didn't know it when I said it in English. Pronunciation skills are going out the drain while learning Spanish :) And I don't think we are permitted to donate blood on our missions, so I never had any opportunity, and nobody has asked me if I had. And do tell Tracy and MaiJai to write me! I like letters :) Give them my address :) Tell all the cool youth that i like receiving letters and emails! ahah And yeah, deposit my money in Wells Fargo. Are they still taking out 3 dollars a month?!?! Because I asked if you could talk to them about that but idk if they fixed it or not, cause I am not allowed to check on that so I don't know what's going on right now! Thanks for doing my taxes! :)

This week has been super slow! We had 4 non-productive days but still had 12 lessons. 3 days we didn't teach a single person. We had this funeral that we were in charge of.... we got put in charge of it last second. It was for an Inactive family and they wanted to use the building; so the church allowed them to and then they told everyone to be there at 2. The funny thing was the family didn't show up till 4 so we had to entertain the guests for 2 hours. We played Mormon messages and listened to Mormon Tab! They all were like, what's going on and we didn't even know what was going on! Our bishop was like, just watch videos and keep them entertained; I was so stressed and frustrated that day!  We had some Catholics walk out because they were mad because we didn't have crosses hanged up in our church! And then we had a Muslim leave after a Mormon message video. She asked the sister missionaries what it was about and they said about Jesus and she got mad and left! So it was pretty crazy!!! Over all, it was a spiritual experience, even though it was very unplanned and off on a whim. It was good, there was free food after and it was pretty good!

Cool Experience this week:
We taught one of our super cool investigators -- their names are Paula and Raymundo. They are husband and wife and I thought that they needed a baptism date. So I came up with the scripture in Matthew 11:27 to 30 and it talks about how Jesus' yoke is easy and he can take ours upon him if we learn more about him and come unto him. As I was explaining what the yoke is I just was talking and not thinking what I was saying, and the words just flew out of my mouth. And I told them that the only way Jesus will help our yoke is if we get baptized. When we get baptized, we show him that we are willing to follow him and do what he wants us to do. And I promised them that they were ready and that when they are baptized, all their weight will be helped by Christ and told them that they can get baptized in 3 weeks if they did their part. She was like, you really have confidence in us and we were like, we know y'all are ready. The spirit was super strong and when we left, Elder Cassiano told me I did a amazing job and I'm like, wait what happened, I forgot what I said! ahah I know that the spirit told me exactly what to say in that time of need! This is an example of gift of tongues. I know how to talk good enough; but that time I had no problems talking to them and I said everything clear. I felt like every word popped in my head and I just followed the prompting! It feels amazing when you can really teach lessons according to the Holy Ghost! 

Other than that, my week was good!
Mom and dad, did y'all get my letter? I put the SD card in it; I hope everything is there safe and sound with all the pictures and videos! 
I love y'all! I pray for y'all all the time.
Love Elder Andersen

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