Monday, March 10, 2014

Letter #41

Hey family!

The only thing that I can remember that happened this week was that my bike broke again! hahaha. The thing that holds my pedals broke!  The metal bar that connects both together snapped in half, and I had to walk my bike home 3 miles! It was a fun day!!! :p haha. So I am taking it in tomorrow to get it fixed! My companion has gone through 6 bikes while on his mission! I blame my bad luck on him!!!!

Another good thing I liked about this week is the Atonement! We learned too much from it! My Favorite scripture now is Alma 42:22!  It talks about there is a law that God cannot break; it's the law of justice. If he were to break the law he would cease to be God. He loves us so much that he gave us mercy through the Atonement of Jesus Christ! I will have to make copies of the paper for y'all! It is my favorite to study in the morning, because when you think about it we don't know ANYTHING!!!!!! I can tell that my Mission President knows so much; yet he tells us that he barely knows anything. I love learning about the Atonement and how to apply it! I will have to teach y'all how deep it is when I get back!

This week is transfers, and as I predicted I am staying! So I am pretty happy. I would love this barrio so much more if we had a better obispo (bishop)! He is making me so angry! haha. I guess there is a rule that missionaries can't bring families to the church for F.H.E. to play sports, and then have a spiritual message at the end! I know it means family HOME evening but if the family isn't going to do it at their house, I thought that it would be better to have it at the church and feel the spirit! Apparently he told us we can't do that!!?!? Would y'all happen to know about that rule or what?!!?!?

Last Monday they threw me a "Surprise Birthday Party". It was really fun! We had root beer floats and cake. Then we watched one of my favorite movies; Ephraim's Rescue!!! So good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I suggest if you haven't watched it yet that you do it!!! The spirit is so strong, and it is so funny too!

This week wasn't too special, but I had fun! Love y'all and hope to hear from y'all later! :)

Love, Elder Andersen

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