Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Letter #14

Hey Family!!!

Glad to hear the baseball game was good, and y'all had fun on Labor Day. It is sad to hear that BYU lost, but there are many more games to come. Speaking of that, one of our investigators invited us the the BYU vs. Houston game on Oct. 19th at Reliant Stadium. We asked President in our letters to him, so we MIGHT get permission to go :) How awesome will that be if President lets us go to that game :))))) That would be so awesome!!!!!

We are having so much fun!! I am loving it here!! President keeps telling us to work with the members... work with members! So we are setting up talking to them and lately our hard work is paying off. ALL the members love us! We visited this less active family and they normally don't like the missionaries visiting. We have gotten in good with his brother, so the brother told the less actives that we are cool and so we asked if we can go over and teach them. The less active said "Yeah, my brother said your cool So I'll give y'all a shot!" So we went over there and talked and taught a lesson and he LOVES US!!! He told us whenever we want food or anything or to teach him a lesson we can go over any time! So we learned that we just need to work through members and keep up the good work!

Like I said we are working through our members so we haven't been really finding new people from the street. Last Monday we had a very successful Family Home Evening (F.H.E.) with a family that invited over a friend. We taught them about el evangelio de jesucristo. (The Gospel of Jesus Christ) We talked highly of baptism and we extended her a date and she excepted it!!! The spirit was very strong in that members home and I knew she could not deny it!! We also set up another lesson with that same girl, so soon we will see how she is doing. We also set up another F.H.E with another member and she is inviting a friend from work that is trying to find the truth! This last week we have seen the blessing of working through the members and helping them out. One day after we got a lesson with a member we received a text from Salt Lake (they send referrals to us when someone calls a number asking more about the church) and we got the names and address to visit. Sadly I was on splits with other missionary's but Elder Neilsen y Preece (our zone leader) went and visited them. They taught them a lesson and they were like finally you came we called 2 months ago to get people here to teach us! But they loved the lesson and want us back for more. Right as the missionaries were leaving the grandparents in the house hobbled out thanking them for coming over and teaching them. I look at that as a miracle that God has blessed us if we are obedient to what he wants us to do. We find in 2 Nephi 2:26-29 that we can be obedient to God or the devil.  We can chose Eternal Life or death! It makes it very clear that we need to serve God and do his will! Choose you this day what you want, eternal life or death? I know that this church is true and that we can live with God again. I know that Joseph Smith saw God the father and his son Jesus Christ! I testify of it every day and I feel the spirit when I tell these people here in Houston. I know that angels are watching me at all times, and testifying that what I say is the truth! I know Jesus died for us so we can have the opportunity to live with god again, and I hope we all can be there someday :) Love y'all

Love Elder Andersen
P.S. Dad you can write me a long letter if you want I have plenty of time :)
P.S.S Where is Ryan Lopez going on his mission?!?!?!

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