Monday, September 9, 2013

Letter #15

Hey family how is it going?!?!

I'm glad y'all had fun at gold rush days! I remember going and was always bored, but maybe when I am older I will appreciate it :p It's also good that BYU won. I do miss watching games with dad! Here it comes to Sunday and I'm doing my daily routine and another Elder tells me how BYU is doing and tells me everything and I'm like "Oh they did play, I can't remember what day is what here!" they all feel the same except for Sunday and Monday haha! 

And I didn't know that she got married but that's cool :p It is crazy to hear about things that is happeing at home. I am shocked Ryan Froude is already leaving! It feels like he had 4 months to leave when I gave my talk, time flies while you are on a mission. haha.

Crazy food of the week:
We went to this family's house for food and every time we go there they always ask if we are hungry. The majority of the time we are hungry when we go there, but we wanted to go talk to their son who is planning on going on a mission. So we walked in and the mom asked "Are you hungry?" and we are like Yeah so she got the food out and guess what?!?! It was Piel de cerdo (pig skin) and she had us try it. I was thinking like man that is gross; then she made us this huge dinner of it!!! All I remember from the M.T.C. is no matter what they give you; you better eat it!!! So I sucked it up and ate it all! It was the worst thing I have ever eaten in my life!! When they asked if I liked it I always say YES, and when they ask if I want more I just say I am full!! There has been another time in my last area where we went to 4 different houses and they all fed us and after the last one while we were riding home on our bikes I just threw everything up!!!!! Lately I have developed a skill about eating things and look like I enjoy it. In my last area they knew when I didn't like it, but here I think I have learned to adapt to gross food! haha. Oh and they also fed us Pitaya juice. It is from mexico and I got used to the taste about the 3rd time they kept filling my drink! haha. Have you had that before?!?!
Oh and Dad I met this family from Columbia and they are from Cali (Cali in Columbia not California) I could not really understand him it was kind of a different pronunciations. They understood me very well. They were telling me my Spanish is very good for 4 months into the mission. They also said your Dad must have taught you Spanish while you were at home. I said "No me no gusta hablar con me papa en espanol porque me papa se burlaria de me porque me espanol no es bueno." (in burlaria the i has the accent) "No, I don't like talking with my dad in Spanish because he would make fun of me because my Spanish is not good." and they got a nice laugh out of it. They love when we come over! Their last name is Campo.

I love you all and hope y'all are doing good :)
Love Elder Andersen


  1. Steven said that Preston meant to say "Burlaria" which means "to mock". So the correct translation of what he was trying to say: "No, I don't like talking with my dad in Spanish because he would make fun of me because my Spanish is not good."

  2. thanks Tiffany and Steven. Just Updated it! :)