Monday, August 26, 2013

Letter # 13

Que tal familia,

Oh yeah, I saw that they were engaged on facebook and I was excited for them! I think they are super cool and they will have fun and a good marriage. And its good that the wedding reception was fun, However I wish I could have heard Carly speak Spanish! haha. Dad, I am also glad you made her night, that you are a father figure to her and you would do anything for her :) (My dad's letter to Preston mentioned about friends getting married and spoke about Preston's friend Carly Kitley who got to dance with my dad at the wedding for the daughter-father dance. Carly (and a few other Young Women in our Stake) are like extra sisters to our family and our father! He has MANY daughters!)

How did you like everything in the package?!!? I have been looking for a Columbia soccer jersey to get for you but I haven't found any yet!!! When I do, I will get you one. :) How do you like that belt buckle?!?!? Pretty Fancy :) I think that the America shirt is super cool!!!

It sounds like y'all are having some fun back at home! :p I am glad y'all can have fun without kids around!?! Y'all better enjoy it because Sharon will be coming home pretty soon!:p How much more does she have left?!?! It's weird how I look at the mission and I'm like man I only have 20 more months to save peoples lives here in Houston. It pushes me harder to talk to every one!

I really like ending the letters with something cool that has happend in the last week :) So I will now end with a miracle or something spiritual. :)

So yesterday this family that was leaving for Utah had this little Ice Cream going away party. They told the missionaries that we had to bring investigators to it, so I was like OK I will! haha So the other missionaries knew they were kidding, but I thought they were serious so we brought someone to it. They were shocked that we did. However, after it the investigator liked it and we taught her a lesson about how god loves us and sets commandments for us so that we can live with him someday, we brought up baptism. We asked a member that was there why he got baptized. He brought the spirit in so much stronger, and I know that the investigator felt the spirit there with us. We told her to read her scriptures and to pray about getting baptized. She is "iffy" about baptism so we just want her to pray about it :) I am excited to hear what she has to say next time we visit her. :)

I am loving it here. I can feel all your prayers, and I know that our father in Heaven loves each one of us no matter what we do! All he wants is that we keep his commandments so we can be able to live with him some day :) So just keep them and be worthy to live with him someday :) I know we are sent here to be tested, I know that he will do anything for us but we have to ask in prayer!

Love y'all so much :)
Elder Andersen

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